Kawasaki Z 50th anniversary editions
It was in 1972 that the first Kawasaki Super Four Z1 hit the streets, and to celebrate Kawasaki are releasing four special 50th anniversary Z models; a Z650, Z650RS, Z900 and Z900RS. “What’s so special about them?” I hear you ask. Well really, as you might have guessed, it’s... Read more
Kawasaki Z650RS | First Ride
According to the Kawasaki marketing material, they’re starting a ‘retrovolution’ with the new Z650RS. Or a retro evolution, in English. Although on paper the specs aren’t really anything to get too worked up about, it’s a model that’s based heavily on the Z650 (a bike I actually really like),... Read more
Kawasaki Z650RS | A Retro Revolution?
Kawasaki claim to have started a retro revolution – or a ‘retrovolution’ – with the introduction of this, the Z650RS. They reckon it’ll open up the mid-capacity class to ‘a wide range of riders’; although you’d probably have to say that it’s already open to most. Nevertheless, if you’re... Read more