BRABUS 1300 R | A Catwalk KTM
Since 1977 BRABUS have been synonymous with blinging cars up, to make them look and feel really trick. They’ve gone from strength to strength over the years, they’ve even started making boats. And the time’s finally come for them to move into the motorcycle market. Sort of, anyway. Because... Read more
The most expensive Japanese motorcycle.
The world record for the most expensive Japanese motorcycle ever auctioned has just been broken. Can you guess what it was? Well, you’ve probably worked it out from the picture. Yes, it was a 2016, never-ridden, Honda RC213V-S. And it sold for a eye-watering £182,500. When I say pristine... Read more
Bimota KB4 | Exotica?
Did you know, Kawasaki own a 49.9% stake in Bimota? No? Well now you do. That might have something to do with the fact that the new slightly retro looking Bimota KB4 sportsbike has a big, fat, Kawasaki engine running it. Just last week, at the Milan Motorcycle Show... Read more
Top 5 most expensive production sportsbikes
We’ve seen them in the magazines, at the bikes shows and on the telly box. We’ve dreamt of having one in our garage. For most of us, we’ve got more chance of getting a blozza from the queen than owning a £100k superbike. But it’s still a wonderful thought... Read more