Electronic rider aids of the future; my prediction
30 years ago, would anyone have guessed that by the year 2022, motorcycles would be rolling out of showrooms with electronic rider aids like radar enabled cruise control, lean sensitive ABS, Bluetooth connectivity and umpteen-mode electronic suspension systems? I wouldn’t have. Then again, I’d only just had my 1st... Read more
Is it time we embraced the electronic age?
There are plenty of people that don’t fancy the idea of electronic this, that and the other on their bikes. I understand. I was once one of them. In fact in some respects I still am. There are certain things that I’m still not convinced by. Antilocking brake systems,... Read more
Electronic suspension vs conventional suspension
Computers are taking over the world, aren’t they? Just last night, my smartwatch told me it was tea time so I ordered a pizza on my iPhone, took a tinny out of my thermostatically controlled fridge and told Alexa to play some banging tunes. But as much as I... Read more
Modern motorcycle tech. Is it worth it?
Whether you’re buying a sportsbike, an adventure bike or anything in between, these days it doesn’t matter which of the manufactures have got their name slapped on the side of it. Chances are if you’ve gone for the top spec model, it’ll have space-age gadgetry and state of the... Read more
Close-up: British Superbike Electronics
Happy New Year to all 44Teefers. We hope you drank plenty, the turkey comedown wasn’t too horrendous, and Santa bought a big sack of kickass. Apologies for the lack of fresh content recently on this splendiferous site; it’s a new year and, while the videos have been flowing, we’ve... Read more