E10 Fuel vs E5 Fuel | A science experiment
Last year the UK government decided that ‘standard’ premium unleaded petrol would go from being E5 to E10; that’s to say it would have an ethanol content of 10%, rather than the previous 5%. The expectation is that it should cut CO2 emissions by 700,000 tonnes. At the same... Read more
Telematic Technology to replace vehicle tax and fuel duty
With the price of fuel hurtling towards £2 per litre, all of a sudden your Wetherspoons breakfast isn’t the most expensive part of your Saturday morning ride. And whilst it’s still utterly sickening, hearing how many billions of pounds profit the oil companies make every year, we’re still paying... Read more
E10 Fuel | What’s the big deal?
Over the past month or so, you’ve probably heard news readers banging on about E10 fuel and how it’s going to affect car drivers across the country. But we don’t really care about car drivers, here. And nobody seems to be talking about how much it’ll affect motorcycles, if... Read more