Confessions part 4 | Don’t steal my sponsor
There’s an unwritten rule in bike racing that you don’t steal someone else’s sponsor. It’s like shagging another bloke’s wife; it’s just really bad form. That said, I’m sure both of those things do go on in equal measure, in most racing paddocks. They certainly do in any racing... Read more
Confessions part 3 | Cheating again
The second time I got caught cheating went very differently. This time I was about 20, racing in the British Superstock Championship. I was racing for quite a big team with quite a big sponsor. It was a sponsor that I had originally brought to the paddock, and one... Read more
Confessions part 2 | Cheating
I’ve never really considered myself a cheater. That said I’d be lying if I said I’ve never been disqualified for exactly that; cheating. And it’s something that I’m never allowed to forget, because when it happened I was racing against my girlfriend’s brothers, and she still reminds me of... Read more
Confessions of a motorcycle racer part 1
Some athletes are purer than the driven snow when it comes to sportsmanship, fair play and all that stuff. But in my experience, the bike racing world is hardly top-heavy with those sorts of characters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome sport to be a part of, but... Read more