Why motorcyclists make excellent drivers
Not every motorcyclist is an excellent driver. Some of us are rubbish, but I’d say the majority of us are really good at it. Let’s face it, we motorbike boys and girls are good at most things, but in particular, we’re good at driving. But what makes us so... Read more
Drivers. Learn how to use slip roads.
If traffic on motorway or dual carriageway is moving freely, there’s no excuse for stopping on slip roads. If you find need to, you’re a dangerous driver and shouldn’t have a license. It’s really not difficult. All you need to do is match your speed with the traffic on... Read more
Slow drivers; you’re the problem
How many times have you heard someone say ‘speed kills’? It’s obviously a very odd thing to say, since we all know that it’s not the speed that kills; it’s the stopping really, really quickly that does the damage. No, when someone tells you that ‘speed kills’, they’re talking... Read more
Why motorbikes are better than cars
Some car drivers love their car. I’ve had a few cars in my time though and haven’t really loved any of them. And I know that plenty of other folk out there could say exactly the same. For a lot of us, a car is just a tool, good... Read more