What to think about when testing a new bike
If you’re in the market for a new bike and you’ve got a dealer that’s happy to let you take a few options for a spin, you’d be bonkers not to. But sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what you can take away after testing a new bike other... Read more
What not to do when buying a used bike.
When you’re buying yourself a motorbike, there are a handful of things that you really ought not to do. Buying bikes tends to involve dealing with people you don’t know, and have got no real reason to trust, so there are a lot of things that could go wrong.... Read more
Essential kit for any motorcycle adventure
If your motorcycle adventures are anything like mine, you’ll be used to things going wrong. But whether they’re as calamitous as mine or not, it pays dividends to prepare for the worst. I haven’t always done that, and when I haven’t, I’ve usually regretted it. So here are a... Read more
How to choose the perfect track bike
Do you want a track bike? Silly question, of course you want a track bike. Because the track is the best place not only to see what you and your bike are really capable of, but to hone your motorcycling skills to the Nth degree. But it can be... Read more
E10 Fuel vs E5 Fuel | A science experiment
Last year the UK government decided that ‘standard’ premium unleaded petrol would go from being E5 to E10; that’s to say it would have an ethanol content of 10%, rather than the previous 5%. The expectation is that it should cut CO2 emissions by 700,000 tonnes. At the same... Read more
How fit do you need to be to race a motorbike?
Some people will tell you that only the most athletic amongst us can be successful motorcycle racers. But I don’t think that’s necessarily true. For a start, it completely depends how you measure ‘success’. Do you have to be MotoGP Champion to be considered successful? Or is a plastic... Read more
The benefits of going to work on your motorbike
Once upon a time, we all had to actually go to work, didn’t we? Before remote working became so popular, ‘working from home’ was seen as the reserve of the lucky few; now though, every Dick and his dog’s at it. But at the same time, there are still... Read more
Speed Cameras | What can you get away with?
Speed cameras, or ‘safety cameras’, as the five-0 like to call them seem to be cropping up left right and centre. And if your local boozer is anything like the one I drink in, you’ll have heard all sorts of theories about how fast you can get away riding... Read more
Awesome UK roads you need to ride in ’22
A mate of mine is pestering me to help him plan a little riding holiday in Europe. He wants to explore the Alps, ride all of its mountain passes, drink foreign beer and spend a long weekend doing it. But I’ve told him he doesn’t need to go all... Read more
How to look after your helmet
Look after your helmet, and your helmet will look after you, that’s what I was always taught. And nothing could be more true. No, I’m not talking about your penis, I’m talking about your crash helmet. Because a well-cared-for lid could be the difference between a crash causing serious... Read more
5 ways to make motorcycling safer
I love motorbikes and everything about them, and I know I’m not the only one. But there are still plenty of people out there who are petrified at the thought of swinging their leg over a two-wheeled streak of lightning. And I can sort of see why, when the... Read more
Top 5 Motorcycle Christmas presents 2021
If you’re struggling to think of something to buy your motorcycling friends, family or partners this Christmas, struggle no more. We’ve done some digging and found five of the best motorcycling gifts you can buy your loved ones, this Christmas. Lid Lamps If any of you went to Motorcycle... Read more