Popular Misconceptions about Adventure Bike Riders
What do most of us think when we see someone riding a GS or an Africa Twin? We think of a middle aged bloke who’s thinning on top with a bit of a paunch. But at least he’s the kind of guy that loves to get out there and... Read more
Give adventure bikes a chance
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been mad about sportsbikes. In fact, growing up I was one of those people that thought anyone riding anything else could ‘do one’. It’s a foolish and entirely immature attitude to have, I now realise. Now I’m a bit older and... Read more
Video: Lords of the Ring EP02 | Nurburgring
What bikes do you imagine when you think of lapping the Nurburgring? Probably not big, fat adventure heifers. But that’s exactly what we took to the ‘Ring because we’re hardcore renegades a bit stupid. Then again, the trio performed admirably (thanks to Bridgestone A40 rubber) although we soon worked... Read more