Yamaha, Suzuki, Aprilia, Ducati, Honda and KTM made up the top six positions in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone yesterday, the first time... Silverstone MotoGP 2021 | Rider Ratings

Yamaha, Suzuki, Aprilia, Ducati, Honda and KTM made up the top six positions in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone yesterday, the first time since 1972 we’ve seen six different manufacturers in the top six of a premier class motorcycle grand prix. But it was Fabio Quarter-Pounder that took the spoils on his Yamaha M1, extending his championship lead to 65 points in the process. The MotoGP at Silverstone was as unpredictable as we’ve come to expect, with last minute tyre changes on the grid and two of the main protagonists wiping each other out on lap two (Marc Marquez and Jorge Martin). If you haven’t watched it yet, you really ought to. This is the 44Teeth rider ratings from the Silverstone MotoGP …

1st Fabio Quartararo – 10/10

Quarter-Pounder is the 7th different winner in 7 years of Silverstone MotoGP races. And he did it in style. Opting for the soft front tyre might have been a bit of a gamble, but it obviously paid off. There didn’t seem to be anything rushed about the way FQ20 rode yesterday. He picked them off one by one until he was at the front, and then buggered off. He absolutely smashed it, banging perfect laps together lap after lap. In fact nearly every one of his laps were within a second of each other. 10/10 for effort.

2nd Alex Rins – 9/10

Alex ‘Bins’ was the best of the rest… even though you might not have expected it in the early stages. It has to be said though, it was one of his best performances this year, and one that the team have got to be happy with. But I bet I wasn’t the only one watching it nervously, half expecting him to lob it at the tyre wall at any second. Alas, he didn’t, he had good pace and he bagged a handful of points.

3rd Aleix Espargaro – 10/10

Like this bloke or not (I don’t think many do) you’ve got to give it to him, he’s persevered on that Aprilia. And it’s finally paid off. They’ve been trying for years to stick that thing on the podium, and got so close, so many times. Actually, what normally happens is Aleix starts strong and then goes backwards. In fairness, there was a bit of backwards and forwards, but P3 when the chequered flag came out is what counts. I can’t wait to see what happens when Viñales gets on the Aprilia…

4th Jack Miller – 7/10

I don’t know what happened to Jack Miller, but after a bit of a ding-dong with teammate Bagnaia it looked like he was struggling with his tyres. I thought the Aussie was just going to go backwards, but the opposite happened. It’s like he got a second wind and at one point, towards the end of the race, he was the fastest bloke on track. I was on the edge of my seat on the last lap waiting for him to have a lunge at Spaggers’ for the last podium spot, and when he did, I thought he had it, but he couldn’t make it stick. If he had, he’d have scored 8/10

5th Pol Espargaro – 8/10

Apparently the last time two brothers were on a MotoGP podium together was back in 1997 when Nobuatsu and Takuma Aoki finished second and third respectively. But it looked like it was going to happen again yesterday at Silverstone. Perticularly when we had Espargaros first and second. Unfortunately, Pol couldn’t keep up with his older brother and had to settle for 5th, but that’s not bad, all things considered. He was top Honda, so that’s got to be worth something, right?

6th Brad Binder – 7/10

Binder wasn’t really anywhere for most of the race and it looked as though he was going to have a very average result. Then everything changed, he found some pace and started ploughing his way through the pack. If you ask me, he should have been riding like that from the start, but he wasn’t. Sixth place. Not bad, but not a win.

7th Iker Lecuona – 8/10

It might not be his best MotoGP result ever (that was last weekend in Styria – 6th), but it’s probably the one he’s proudest of. He wasn’t gifted anything by the conditions, or by people crashing (apart from Marquez and Martin), he just rode really well (for him). He’ll be hoping to take some confidence from a few top-tens on the bounce, and he’ll be hoping to make it a few more.

8th Alex Marquez – 6/10

It didn’t really look like Alex Marquez was going to do anything from 17th on the grid. But he did. He looked to have a fairly lonely race, until the likes of Bagnaia, Mir and all that crew came back to him. Eighth at the Silverstone MotoGP will make it three top-ten finishes in a row for Marquez the younger.

9th Joan Mir – 4/10

For a reigning World Champ, ninth probably sounds a bit pants. But last year when he won the championship, he almost won it without winning a race. And to be fair to the lad, despite the him only finishing ninth, he’s still second in the championship. He started strong, but like so many others, went backwards in the latter stages of the race. Poor tyre choice? You’d have to say so.

10th Danillo Petrucci – 5/10

I’m guessing Danillo’s lack of job opportunities for 2022 is starting to hit home, maybe that’s why he’s finally started to get his finger out. Rumour has it, if he can’t find a ride in either MotoGP or WSBK he’s taking the sidewards step into the off-road world. There’s even talk of him competing it the Dakar Rally in 2022. See ya there, Danillo.


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