Rossi shows FMX champ how to ride

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If Valentino Rossi is one of the coolest blokes on the planet, you’d have to say Axell Hodges isn’t far behind him. That’s if you’ve heard of Axell Hodges. If you haven’t, I’ll tell you who he is. He’s a freestyle motocross rider with three X-Games gold medals to his name, and he can do some absolutely ridiculous stuff on a motocross bike.

And so can Valentino. So getting these two together was always going to produce some magic.

Because of course, the umpteen-times world champ VR46 isn’t just shit hot on tarmac; he’s pretty bloody handy on dirt too. In fact on a flattrack, he’s absolutely bonkers.

Freestyle MX champ (and regular MX champ, as it happens) Hodges, might not have thought there was much Vale could teach him about riding on dirt. But it turns out there is plenty Vale can teach him.

I still maintain there’s something seriously cool about people pulling massive wheelies, doing great big drifts and getting big air on motorbikes. Especially when the people doing it are really, really good at it. So if you’ve got six minutes spare, get a load of this. Get a load of Valentino Rossi, racing round his ranch in Tavullia on mx bikes and flattrack. Get a load of Axell Hodges riding up vertical brick walls over parked cars.

It’s an absolutely incredible piece of video.



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