New 2021 Triumph Rocket 3 Limited Editions

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If having the biggest thing possible between your legs is what you’re all about, then you’ll be all over the Triumph Rocket 3. The new and updated versions of the Rocket 3 came out just over a year ago and we sampled them in Tenerife. 165bhp, 221Nm of torque and a whoppingly big 2,458cc triple engine ought to be too hot to handle. But it’s not. Both the Rocket 3 R and the Rocket 3 GT were fast (don’t get me wrong), but deliciously smooth and easy to ride. And not only that, they come with all the mod-cons… well nearly all of them anyway. Neither the R or the GT is graced with electronic suspension, and if you want a shifter/blipper, you’ve got to pay extra. But they’re still pretty trick.

Now though, there’s an even tricker pair of options. The Rocket 3 GT Triple Black and Rocket 3 R Black are the new, limited edition behemoths from British bike builders, Triumph Motorcycles.

If you’re looking for something more technically advanced, faster, or with increased performance, you’re going to be left wanting. The only thing that you might be able to argue would improve the big Trumpets performance is the carbon mudguard. But even then you’d be clutching at straws. No, these limited editions are all about giving Triumph owners an opportunity to own something special. A meaner, moodier, more exclusive Rocket than ever before. And if you ask me, they look absolutely banging.

Anything that can be has been painted, powder coated or anodized black. The exhaust headers, heatshields, intake covers, headlight bezels, radiator cowels, wheels, levers, footpegs etc etc etc. The list seriously does go on and on.

Triumph are only making 1,000 Rs and 1,000 GTs worldwide, and are fairly confident they’ll sell pretty fast. That’s probably got something to do with the fact that they’ve sold almost 8,000 Rockets in the last 18 months. Although they don’t come with a numbered headstock, you will get a certificate of authenticity, for whatever it’s worth.

And all that for an extra £1,000 (compared to the standard Rocket models). That makes the Rocket 3 R Black £21,000 and the Rocket 3 GT Triple Black £21,700. Before you ask, no I don’t know how much a kidney is worth these days.

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  1. looks the part!,my Duke Diavel Dark is lurking under its winter coat..waiting for the “summer sunshine” 😉

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