All you need to know about the 2017 Yamaha R6…

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After quite possibly the teasiest of all teasers, one of the most anticipated sportsbikes of all time has finally been unveiled. Yamaha has just released pics and a soupcon of detail on the 2017 YZF-R6 following a public shindig at the AIMExpo show in Florida, with traction control, a quickshifter and new suspension and brakes being the highlights. Here’s what you need to know…

Yamaha has sold 160,000 units in Europe and the R6 has been the supersport/superstock/trackday riders’ choice since its hardcore revamp in 2006. While other manufacturers seem to have abandoned the supersports 600cc segment, Yamaha has installed several Gucci components, some delectable electronic trickery and obvious R1-inspired styling – it’s safe to say, Yamaha has got the cosmetics bang-on.

Finer elements and details of development aren’t exactly bursting the initial press kit. While it undoubtedly looks fresh, much of the previous model’s fundamental base remains and there’s no crossplane three-pot that many wished for. Bore and stroke figures are identical to previous years and there’s little mention of noteworthy engine upgrades other than Euro4 compliancy, so the 2017 model will be another screaming, revvy, peaky bitch that’s been designed to win races, not traffic light GPs. 6-level traction control and ABS completes the electronics arsenal.

Chassis wise, the 2017 geometry duplicates its predecessor although there’s all-new suspension and brakes lifted from the R1: massive (for a 600cc) 43mm KYB forks assist a new KYB shock. Other updates include an aluminium fuel tank that saves 1.2kg, a 20mm narrower subframe that provides a slimmer cockpit, and the front wheel spindle’s diameter has been increased to 25mm. Wet weight is up 1kg to 190kg, which probably has something to do with Euro4 shittery and its extra gizmos. And, according to Yamaha, these new lines provide 8% better aerodynamics.



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