MV Agusta RVS #1

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During ambiguous times for the Varese factory, MV Agusta has unveiled its latest eccentric creation: the RVS #1, which is the first bike from a brand within a brand. RVS is Reparto Veicoli Speciali – Special Vehicles Department to you and I – and low volume, high-end exotica is something that Giovanni Castiglioni suggested would be the future of MV in years to come.

Based on the Dragster and equipped with obvious scrambler cosmetics, the quirky RVS #1 is, apparently, the most powerful bike within MV’s three-pot range, making a claimed 148bhp in Euro4 guise and weighing just 160kg thanks to a medley of exotic parts and materials. It was designed and created with CRC (Castiglioni Research Centre – another arm of MV), ably assisted by Adrian Morton and entirely hand-built.

MV reckons the Euro4 motor has evolved thanks to ‘mechanical refinement and material improvements,’ and there’s the tweaking of electronic rider modes to better suit the RVS. MV worked alongside SC-Project (man, they’re so hot right now) to produce a stunning titanium full system included with the bike, designed for track use but will no doubt startling old people on the streets.

The Dragster chassis has been upgraded with ‘aviation grade’ aluminium plates, and Kineo wheels wear scrambler-based Pirelli MT60 RS rubber – not sure how scrambler it’ll be with such limited suspension travel, though. Those whacky discs are Braking’s handiwork, while the LED headlight is based on lean angle and speed to provide dynamic lighting. CRC-designed goodies include rearsets, engine protection, dash support and ‘bars.

The only real downer is the RVS #1’s slogan: ‘One man. One Bike.’ And currently, there isn’t a fully-functioning UK division of MV Agusta, so finer details are scant.


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  1. I’ve driven mv before and although I still love how they look, for me never again. They keep breaking down and the brand just shits on you.

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