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If you were a fan of the Paris-Dakar Rally in the olden days, you might remember the Cagiva Elefant. You might also remember its Lucky Explorer livery. MV Agusta can remember it, and now, since they are part of the same company (or group of companies) as Cagiva, their using it’s livery (or an artists impression of it) to launch two new adventure bikes; the MV Agusta 5.5 and 9.5.

The MV Agusta 5.5, as you might have guessed is a new 550cc adventure bike. Details are a little bit scares as yet about the 5.5, but we do know it’s an inline twin-cylinder. And my guess is that there would be a restrictor kit available; should you want to ride it on an A2 license.

Looks alone

But it looks like a proper adventure bike. Judging by looks alone the 5.5, with it’s sump guard, wire-spoke wheels and high handlebars, would be as comfortable bombing along a desert track as anywhere else.

If you mean business though, the 9.5 sounds (and looks) like the weapon to have. Like the 5.5 it looks as though it’ll be right towards the adventure end of the touring/adventure spectrum, but with a bunch of added performance.

The 9.5 is powered by a 930cc engine based on the 798cc triple that MV have been sticking in Brutales and the like for ages. Based on, but heavily modified. It’s got a bigger bore and stroke, new cylinder head, intake and exhaust valves, pistons, crankshaft and gearbox. All that means it makes 123hp (at 10,000rpm) and 102Nm (at 7,000rpm).

The frame and subframe are both made out of steel but the swingarm is aluminium. MV say the thing ‘tips the scales at a mere weight’. But they don’t go on to say how ‘mere’; which leads me to believe it’s not that ‘mere’ at all. But I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

7 Incher

You get a full colour TFT 7 incher on the 9.5 with Bluetooth connectivity, which is nice. There are also some new switch-cubes which have been designed especially for this model, making it easier to navigate the ‘numerous configurations’.

The posh dashboard and few bits of carbon fibre dotted about give the game away that the 9.5 is likely to be a ‘premium’ adventurer. Perhaps there will be a cooking version of the 9.5 at some point, but I doubt it, knowing MV. And premium, as we all know usually means expensive.

As yet, we haven’t been told how much they will cost. We also haven’t been told when they‘ll be available. I think you’ll agree though (or maybe you won’t) that they look pretty sweet, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing one in the flesh… whenever that is.


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