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Team 44Teeth were mixing business with pleasure yesterday at Motorcycle Live: pleasuring ourselves whilst inspired by the onslaught of sexy 2016 steeds and epic one-offs on display. And business? Trying to figure how to monetise this excellence. Either way, it was a spectacle truly appreciated by the majority.

Even several years ago it was like a clown futilely entertaining a funeral, with several key manufacturers absent and the world suffering economic ruin. But it’s invigorating to witness the industry – as a whole – experiencing such a renaissance. Without getting all emotionally wanky, there was a real buzz about the NEC. For starters, it was chock-a-block, punters clambering at the chance to straddle their aspirational new models and oodles of additional eye-candy. Secondly, the car boot brigade looking for Xmas bargains has virtually vanished. Thirdly, it was great to meet so many 44T followers.

We headed straight for the Suzuki stand to observe the 2017 GSX-R1000 in the flesh. The heavily doctored press photography (or the plethora of phone pics) didn’t do it any favours, and it’s certainly worth admiring in person. There’s too much on offer to mention other individuals (and to properly take in over a day) but make sure you cover every corner to unearth the hidden trinkets, like this Speed Cross R from Pipewerx.

Following the Milan show and yesterday’s social media musings, I’m shocked at how many eschew dynamics in favour of aesthetics. Agreed, looks are vital to maintain a relationship, but as styling becomes increasingly more subjective through radical execution, it sounds like some will be resorting to an empty garage at this rate! For want of a better phrase, you don’t look at the mantelpiece whilst poking the fire do you?



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