Marc Marquez better and back on a bike

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Fans of Marc Marquez will be pleased to know his latest ailment seems to be on the mend. His diagnosis of diplopia (double vision, in English) has been confirmed, by ophthalmologist Dr Sanchez Dalmau, to be making a clear improvement.

Thanks to this favourable prognosis the doctors, as well as his bosses at HRC, have given him to go-ahead to get back on a bike, after three months off. And since his MotoGP bike is probably in bits at the moment, he dragged his trusty CRF450 motocross bike out.

I know what your thinking. Marc Marquez is a bit of a bugger for crashing MX bikes and is it really wise? I suppose he needs to keep himself sharp one way or another, doesn’t he? And if risking life and limb on an MX bike is the way MM93  chooses to do it, who are we to judge?

And I’m pleased to tell you this article isn’t just to let you know that the eight-time world champion has spannered himself again. Thankfully for him, and all at HRC, the 28-year-old Spaniard managed to avoid any accidents and finish the day in one piece.

And as an added bonus for all you Marc Marquez fans, Repsol Honda released a video of his day in the dirt. And here it is…

Eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted his younger brother Alex in the video. I can’t help wondering who is the quicker motocross rider out of the two brothers.

Honda said that after several runs on the MX bike at the Ponts Circuit (Lleida) Marquez was feeling good on the bike, could see where he was going, and was ready to get back on his big bike. The next stop for MM93, according to Honda, will be on tarmac. Who else is looking forward to seeing how how gets on?


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