Limited Edition Razgatlıoğlu Replica R1

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A few weeks ago, Yamaha showed off a really trick R1 that they’d built for Valentino Rossi, to celebrate everything he’d done for Yamaha during his MotoGP career. And I’ll admit, I got a bit shirty about it. They’d built an absolutely incredible sounding track bike, but they weren’t going to put any on sale. It’d had been built for Valentino and for Valentino only. But I’m going to forgive them. Because although you can’t buy the VR46 special R1, you can buy a Limited Edition Razgatlıoğlu Replica R1; an equally as trick track bike, built to celebrate Toprak Razgatlıoğlu’s first WSBK title.

When I say you can buy one of these extra-special R1s, you’ll have to be quick, because there will only be 21. And you’ll have to have a few quid, because they’re £33,000 plus VAT (£39,600 including). So in actual fact, I won’t be buying one, but it’s nice to be given the opportunity.

Those that are fast enough and rich enough will be in for a treat. The thing is dripping with GYTR parts. It’s got a full GYTR racing ECU and wiring loom, WSBK Spec Akrapovič exhaust, full Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes and a bunch of stuff that’s been designed and manufactured specifically for Pata Yamaha’s WSBK bike. It comes with Marchesini wheels, racing bodywork painted to match Toprak’s race bike, GB Racing engine protection, front and rear crash protection and paddock stand hooks.

Slim Jim

Thanks to all the fancy parts, the Limited Edition Razgatlıoğlu Replica R1 tips the scales at a slender 175kg (wet), a massive 26kg lighter than the standard bike. Not only that, it makes 205bhp at the rear wheel, which is 20bhp more than standard.

And if you do decide to buy one, you get more than just a bike. Each one comes with a framed certificate of authenticity, a couple of passes to join Yamaha at a WSBK round, and a chance to spend a day on track with Niall MacKenzie.

And that’s money-can’t-buy stuff, so I suppose when you say it like that… £39,600 is still bloody expensive. This Limited Edition Razgatlıoğlu Replica R1 will certainly be an incredible track bike. Unfortunately though, most of us will never be able to afford one. Bugger.


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