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tgp_1299_1Embroiled in parliamentary affairs, alluring lies, deceitful bullshit and party political broadcasts, the general election is nearly upon us – not that we’re politically circumspect. Who are you voting for? Do you even vote? What policies matter? After TV funny man and avid biker, Ross Noble alerted his twitter followers to The Green Party’s motorcycle manifesto, I had to sit in the fridge for a while to cool down.

The fact that the party’s leader, Natalie Bennett couldn’t run a press conference let alone this country, and that The Greens are no more than a token façade temporarily eased the wrath. But The Green’s motorcycle policy reads:

“Smaller, low powered motorcycles are generally preferable to cars (especially those with a single occupant) as they take up less road space and are more economic consumers of fuel. However, the Green Party does not wish to see increased use of motorcycles because they emit pollution and noise and can endanger road users. The aim is to encourage much less use of high powered machines and for low powered machines to offer an alternative for those who currently use these or cars and could not transfer to more sustainable modes.

“The Green Party would take measures to encourage a transfer of motor cycle manufacture and use from larger, powerful machines to less powerful ones including scooters and mopeds. These would include setting and enforcing strict noise limits and, for higher powered machines, speed limiters.

“For the safety of other users, the Green Party does not feel it appropriate for motorcyclists to be able to use any priority measures put in for pedestrians and cyclists, including those shared with public transport.”

The Green’s twitter desk later replied with: “There has been a lot of discussion about this safety point and looks like it will be reviewed by members at autumn conference.”

Of course, once Bennett’s puny congress eventually gets control of the UK, the roads will be a safer, cleaner place because motorcycles are obviously the crux of this country’s transport problems.

To be fair to The Greens (if there was such a phrase), their policy is the only one to mention motorcycling (that we can see), though that’s scant redemption. There’s no hint of nasty, petroleum-burning two-wheelers in the Tories’ manifesto: they’re too engrossed in millions of pounds worth of railway investment, likewise the HS2-happy Labour party. The exception is the well-known superbike aficionado, Nigel Farage who recently joined MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) – more than likely as a failed publicity stunt.

Personally, I wouldn’t vote/have any trust for any of the ‘big’ party leaders, who have little understanding of reality, but I’m sure I speak for many riders when saying The Green Party can suck on my hairy balls I would never vote for The Green party

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