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Moto Time Attack is an all-new motorcycle sport that’s being launched right here in the UK on the 16th of July, and where better venue than Cadwell Park to begin proceedings? Based on the über popular Time Attack format for cars that originated in Japan before exploding in Blighty recently, MTA is all about the fastest lap rather than winning races.

Think of it as an extended superpole session, getting most from the bike (and rider) for the ultimate lap. While the two-wheeled sport is still very much in its infancy, Time Attack is synonymous with bespoke specials and one-lap wonders, and the scene has produced some amazing cars. Let’s hope MTA mimics the four-wheelers.

Besides, I don’t know about you, but even a little 8-lap club race around Cadwell is enough to get me puffing and panting as arm-pump takes control. With practice, qualifying and the main event final, there’s plenty of track time on offer, as well as a punters’ trackday for those who can’t race/don’t have a race bike.

Run under ACU regulations (so race-spec bikes only), and under the watchful eye of Gary Thompson (the Isle of Man TT’s Clerk of the Course), Moto Time Attack brags several classes for different bikes and rider abilities: under 600s and over 600s with a few categories – Club, Club Pro and Pro depending on the rider.

Keen on racing? Got an ACU licence? Even if you haven’t, there’s still time to do a course and gain your novice bib. TT privateer champ and all-round fast Northerner, Dan Hegarty will be racing the GP-inspired DR Moto and there’s an onslaught of other super-fast local Lincolnshire mafia, an array of UK talent and a few celebs like Shimmy putting on a show. If anything, the one-lap format will lend itself to epic action, and I’ll be there racing a bike that’s yet to be confirmed.

Time Attack is owned and run by brothers, Andy and Rob Barnes. Andy is managing director: “For a number of years we have been developing the concept of bringing our beloved and unique sport of Time Attack to two wheels and today I am pleased to finally say that our dream is now a reality. Our small and professional events team are avid motorcycle fans and are hugely motivated to share our sport with fellow riders. We want to show what our sport can give competitors – who we know will enjoy the experience once they have access to it on track – and show how our events team can provide the next generation of competitive track riding for the good of the competitors.

“Time Attack is genuinely aimed at everyone. From a road going commuter, a classic bike rider to a full-on racer. The sporting regulations enjoy an ‘open’ specification in comparison to other series’ and whilst embracing the all-important safety issues, are sure to excite and welcome riders and teams that are looking for something new, fresh, competitive and welcoming to their needs, ideas, passion and enthusiasm.

“The competition philosophy of MTA is the same as Time Attack in cars: tune, tweak and modify to make the machine go quicker; the sport is all about how quick can you get your bike around the track when you are given a relatively free reign on what you can do with it.

“We fully expect to welcome riders from novice to professionals on modern or classic machinery. We have a place, class and structure for everyone, although we will be limiting entry numbers for the first event. Cadwell Park this summer is all about sharing our sport, see what riders think of Time Attack, its format and our organising team. We want to listed to riders views, then formulate all that good stuff into a full Championship of events in 2018.”

Whatever you think, this is something fresh, innovative and exciting, and can only be good for motorcycle racing. Let’s hope this debut event is a banger and goes onto a full-time series in 2018. Find out more here

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