James Hillier Breaks Strava

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Yesterday, it emerged that the rumour was in fact true: James Hillier does need a wheelbarrow to transport his unfeasibly large testicles around with him. Not only is the Ringwood nipper having a bloody good 2015 Isle of Man TT, he got to spank the 326nhp Kawasaki Ninja H2R round The Mountain Course during a ‘parade’ lap.

According to the press release, Hillier was looking to claim the fastest speed ever recorded for a motorcycle on closed roads on the Isle of Man, and did so at GPS-clocked 206mph – recorded via the Strava app. From memory, his buddy Martin Jessopp managed 208mph on some old Ducati at the North West 200 a few years ago, so the supercharged Ninja has some work to do…

Other than tyre warmers and some suspension tweaks to cope with the TT’s butchery, the H2R was stock, and Hillier went through Sulby at 206mph. And judging by the videos we’ve seen, he wasn’t exactly mincing around over the rest of the course. Given that every celebrity racer who’s ridden the bike at British Superbike events has returned to the pits searching for new pants and certified the H2R’s outrageous behaviour, his average speed of 110mph whilst showboating isn’t too shabby either. Just listen to the old girl scream in the vid below…

Rather than feed you generic guff quotes, we were hoping to speak to James earlier today but duties beckoned at either end. Hope to catch him after his Senior victory.

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