I love summer

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I love summer. And it’s not just because the ladies tend to dress more scantily. Although, I’ll admit, that is a bonus. No, I love summer because there is so much more stuff you can do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to drag the off-road bikes out during the winter months, but come February time, I do start to miss life on a superbike.

Because summer’s got all the good stuff that winter’s got, but more of it! If you want to ride your off-road bikes, you still can. In fact you could ride them every day of the week if you had time. But now, you can take your road bike out, without having to spend an hour or so swilling all the salt and road grime off it when you get back.

Because there won’t be time to do that when you get back if you’re anything like me; when I’m out on my bike on a sunny day, the last thing I want to do is go home and clean it. I could, and often do, stay out for hours on end riding around in the sun.

But one of the other great things about summer is that when you do have to go home, there’s usually something decent on the telly to watch. I know in 2021, it’s taking BSB and WSBK a little while to swing into action, but MotoGP has started. And it’s already shaping up to be an absolute belter of a season.

I don’t really like being cold and wet and worrying weather my tyres are going to grip or not. I like being warm and dry, and knowing that the rubber underneath me is warm and dry too. That’s why I love summer. Is there anything better than a mid-summer trackday at your favourite circuit?

Yes there is. There’s one thing better than a mid-summer trackday at your favourite circuit. And that’s a mid-summer trackday at your favourite circuit, followed by a cold beer in a sun-drenched beer garden. Throw a few large breasted bar-maids into the equation and you’re not far off most people’s idea of paradise. Well, most bloke’s anyway.

So enjoy winter by all means. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy drinking an eating yourself silly over Christmas. And there are still loads of ways to enjoy riding when the days are short and the temperature’s cold. But not as many as there are when the days are long and the temperature’s warm. That’s why I love summer. That’s why I can feel my mood improving with every dawn that breaks. And that’s why I’ll be doing my best to make the most of this summer, and the next one, and the one after that.


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  1. For me, it’s a definitely going abroad on the bike, decent quiet roads, different little strange hotels to stay in. And always a few beers after a epic day on the bike can’t be beaten.

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