Husqvarna launches electric balance bikes

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Electric balance bikes

A ‘balance bike’ if you’re wondering, tends to be one of those little two wheeled wooden things that you see kids whizzing around Butlin’s on. They don’t have pedals or anywhere to put your feet, so they’re a great way to ruin a new pair of shoes. Until now.

These new balance bikes, bourn out of a partnership with Husqvarna and STACYC (an electric bicycle manufacturer), have taken balance bike technology to a whole new level. Ok, they haven’t put pedals on it, but they have given you somewhere to put your feet. But the best bit is the electric motor. Husky are calling it a balance bike but I think plenty would just call it a very small electric motorcycle.

If you fancy one, there are two options, both with three selectable power modes. They also come with a ‘non powered coast mode’. Or ‘off’.

The smaller of the two is the Replica 12eDrive, which they say is perfect for 3-5 year old boys or girls. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do if your child identifies as non-binary or whatever it’s called nowadays. Anyway the 12eDrive will do either 8, 11 or 14km/h (5, 7, 9mph), depending on power mode. It has a nice low seat and 12-inch wheels too, so it shouldn’t be too daunting for the tiny ones.

If they’re a bit bigger, 4-8-years-old perhaps, the Replica 16eDrive might be the thing for them. The seat is 100mm higher and is capable of going over rougher terrain with its bigger 16-inch wheels. With its three power modes, the 16eDrive will do either 8, 12 or 21km/h (5, 7 or 13mph), so they are going to need some decent kit.

Husqvarna claim both models have a run time of up to 60 minutes with fast recharging. Although they don’t say exactly how fast. After 60 minutes of running around after your kids on one of these things though, I don’t suppose many of us will be too upset if it takes a few hours to charge up. Or overnight, preferably.

So there you go. Electric balance bikes. There’s something to add to the kid’s Christmas list. Ho ho ho.

electric balance bikes

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  1. Keep Boothy off it, we know what happened the last time he was on a kids bike. All kidding aside, imagine a group of kids with these. It’ll be a mini GP.

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