Husqvarna go green with E-Pilen concept

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Don’t panic, they’re not throwing all their eggs in to the zero-emissions basket just yet. In fact, Husqvarna aren’t putting many in the basket at all with the E-Pilen concept, but it’s a start.

Details about the new concept are scarce as yet, but judging by the picture (and the name) the Husqvarna E-Pilen has been inspired by the Vitpilen and Svartpilen models. Smart move, if you ask me. Or should I saw ‘Svart’ move? Get it? I can definitely see a trendy, city-dwelling Svart/Vitty rider making the switch to EV. He’s not gong to miss the sound and feel of a throbbing internal combustion engine between his legs as long as his E-Pilen looks just as smart parked outside the vape shop.

The concept, according to Husqvarna, has been developed for the urban commuter and the leisure rider. I can’t help thinking that with its 8kW (about 10bhp) of power and 100km range (about 62 miles), it would be better suited to the urban commuter. Let’s be fair, it’s not much more than moped performance. But you’d be in another league as far as style goes; it does appear to be a very cool looking thing.

The E-Pilen concept features a modular and swappable battery system, so that one day, when there are battery swap-shops at every petrol station (or where every petrol station used to be), you can stick a fresh one in and be on your merry way. Rather than waiting however long for the thing to recharge.

Development into Husqvarna’s E-mobility range is already well advanced, and they’re telling us we can look forward to some more information in the very near future. Watch this this space.

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