Honda Unveils Self-Balancing Motorcycle

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Honda Riding Assist

Fresh from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Honda has just released minor details of its new self-balancing motorcycle technology amongst a throng of other weird and whacky gadgetry. The Big H has always been a fan of pioneering robotic expertise (more so than any other manufacturer), and this has been incorporated into Moto Riding Assist technology that could reduce the risk of crashing at a standstill.  

According to Honda, gyroscopes bring unwanted weight and ‘alter the riding experience as announced by other companies.’ Instead, technology has been lifted from – wait for it – the firm’s UNI-CUB mobility vehicle, which allows a seated rider to control steering, speed and braking by simply shifting body weight.

Obviously, this isn’t an anti-crash device (which we thought it might be, initially) and could be a way of public consumption, but anything to prevent a topple can only be a good thing and may lead to authentic anti-crash tekkers – especially for the vertically challenged or those with iffy legs. And by the look of the video, there’s also a ‘play dog’ function, which allows the owner to pet the front fender and the obedient mutt/motorcycle to follow in its tracks. More when we get it.


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