Honda announce £10k bonus and free Fireblade for ’22 Superstock winner

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As part of Honda Racing UK’s new National Superstock Support package, Honda have said they’ll give away a free CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP, as well as a £10,000 bonus, to anyone who wins the British Superstock Championship after signing up to the program. As well as the championship bonuses, you’ll get a free set of tyres for every race you win, discounted rates to attend Honda Racing UK’s private tests, and all of Tom Neave’s 2021 championship-winning settings.

To be in with a shout of winning the bike and the cash though, you’ve got to win the British Superstock Championship, and you’ve got to do it on a Fireblade. A Fireblade that you’ve purchased from your local dealer. Whether or not the race package includes a reduced purchase price for the Fireblade is unspecified; that would probably depend on who you are.

The news that Honda are officially offering something to help superstock racers won’t affect most peoples life in the slightest; because we’re not all superstock racers, are we? But the fact that Honda are prepared to invest (or promise to invest) so much (or potentially so much) to anyone prepared to represent them in British Superstock, is quite a big deal. I can’t remember the last time a manufacturer offered something like this, not in road racing, anyway.

Your move…

It would be great if a few of the other manufacturers followed suit. Because to compete in any class in BSB is bloody hard work. It’ll take all your time, all your money, and even if you win the championship you’re not guaranteed to get anything out of it.

Winning, or even just having a good showing, in British Superstock, is obviously important for the manufacturers. This program from Honda proves that. Hopefully a few people will put their names down, and a few deserving lads get something back. Even if it is just a set of tyres every now and then

So come on Suzuki, BMW, Kawasaki, Yamaha etc. Honda have set the bar. What are you going to offer?


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