Guy Martin’s 1000bhp Triumph

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triumphlsr1Housewives’ favourite truck mechanic, tea drinker, purveyor of pork scratchings and occasional TT racer, Guy Martin, will attempt to break the motorcycle land speed record at Bonneville salt flats in August. With the help of Triumph, Guy – who has recently ditched the trademark lamb chops – needs to bust the current record which currently stands at 376.363mph.

The steed? A purpose-built, methanol-supping, 1000bhp Triumph ‘Rocket Streamliner’ featuring two turbocharged Rocket III motors, wrapped in a carbon Kevlar monocoque chassis and measuring over 25ft long.

The British firm are no strangers to claiming such records; Triumph once claimed the world’s fastest motorcycle from 1955 to 1970, and named the iconic T120 Bonneville after the success at the US proving ground of saltyness.

Testing continues in July and the record attempt will be on the 23rd-27th of August. According to journo Mat Oxley, ‘the former holder Don Vesco crashed twice at over 300mph’, which sounds really good fun. The current record is held by a chap called Rocky Robinson, who is bound to be a part-time porn star/WWF wrestler with a name like that.



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