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Not content with having one of the most comprehensive off-road motorcycle line-ups going, GASGAS, just last night, announced that they’re releasing a pair of actual road bikes… well, sort of. Say hello to the GASGAS SM 700 and ES 700.

This is a pair of red-hot singles that’s definitely doing it for me. I mean look at them. Phwoar. And having previously ridden KTM’s version (which does look quite similar to this), I’ve got a feeling there’ll be plenty of wheelies, skids and laughs to be had on the new GASGAS SM 700 and ES 700.

I suppose it ought to come as no surprise that GASGAS are edging ever closer to releasing a ‘proper’ road bike, since they’re already balls-deep in tarmac-based GP racing. Whilst these two new models are, on paper, road bikes, to me they’re actually in that middle-ground between off-road and on-road bikes. That fantastic middle-ground that every motorcyclist should spend some time in.

Each one of these little beauties has got a 692.7cc single cylinder, four-stroke motor that makes 74hp and 74Nm of torque. Nice and easy to remember then. You get modern electronics with a couple of riding modes, quickshifter, Bosch ABS and a PASC slipper clutch.

The 13.5 litre fuel tank is integrated into the ‘polyamide’ subframe which keeps the centre of gravity nice and low to help with the bikes handling. That, along with the lightweight chromium molybdenum streel trellis frame ‘ensures razor-sharp cornering’ according to GASGAS.

ES 700

The ES 700 is the go-anywhere, do-anything, exploring machine from GASGAS. It comes with ‘street mode’ and ‘off-road’ mode, a 21 inch front wheel (17 inch rear) with knobbly tyres and extra GASGAS attitude as standard. GASGAS know how to make off-road bikes (don’t forget, they’re the same people as KTM and Husqvarna), so chances are, this thing’s going to be capable of more than most of us would ever be likely to tackle off-road; but a lot better than an actual off-road bike, if you do need to ride it to work and back. I can’t wait to take one for a spin.

SM 700

This is the one that’s really whetting my whistle. Alright, it’s not a full on Supermoto race bike, but I bet you could still pull some serious shapes on it, on the road or the track. And it looks banging. I’d definitely have one of these. The SM has 17 inch wheels with road tyres fitted, and the two rider modes are ‘street mode’ and ‘supermoto mode’, the latter allowing you to do skids, drifts and wheelies. If you’re here for a good time, the SM 700 might be right up your alley… it’s right up mine.

I’m guessing both these bikes will be absolute crackers. But luckily, none of us are going to have to wait too long to find out exactly what they are like, because as I write this, Fagan is out in España putting the ES and the SM 700s through their paces, the jammy little so-and-so.

So if, like me, you’re desperate to know what these two saucy little GASGAS 700s are like in real life, keep an eye on the 44Teeth ‘Tube channel, for some GASGAS video droppage, in the very near future.


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      1. Thanks Al. I can’t make up my mind about the looks of the mags. I think the 701 is still the sexyiest… But they’re all pretty sweet.

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