GANNET Kawasaki H2

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Kawasaki-H2-GANNETThe internet is rife with shoddy renderings of concept bikes and innovative, bastardised stylisations, but there is the occasional gem: like this GANNET-designed Kawasaki H2. The supercharged, trellis-framed monster blew everyone’s back door off when Kawasaki unveiled it in Cologne, and GANNET has added another flavour.

Ulfert Janssen is GANNET Design.

“The idea was to create a “de-Batman-ized” design, but still keep a lot of attitude. By taking off the original fairing of the Kawasaki, we could expose more of the technical elements and beautiful trellis chassis. We created a rugged design with some retro detailing, but at the same time modern surfaces and volumes. A  new designed tank and subframe for the tail section which integrates into the exposed main trellis frame. The underbelly fairing design is a loose reference to the vintage Kawasaki H2 racer from 1972 and gives the bike a good stance and visual stability.”

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