Free updates for Ducati Multistrada V4 S owners

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For 2022 Ducati have updated their best-selling model, the Multistrada V4 (they sold nearly 10,000 last year). But don’t worry if you’ve got last year’s model, you can update it for free.

Alright, not all the 2022 Multistrada V4 upgrades are available as a free update to 2021 ‘Strada customers; that’s because one of the new-for-2022 features is the new Iceberg White livery. They’re not offering to paint everyone’s bike, so if you’ve got a ‘Ducati Red’ or ‘Aviator Grey’ bike from last year, you’ll have to get used to it.

But the electronic updates that Ducati have given the new Multistrada, you can have. And you can have them for free.


So what are the 2022 updates then? The main one is related to the electronic suspension system. Ducati have developed a new semi-automatic function, and they’re calling it ‘Minimum Preload’. The idea behind Minimum Preload is that when you turn it on, you’ll effectively have softer suspension so the weight of you (the rider) and the bike, will cause the suspension to compress, effectively giving you a lower seat height so it’s easier to reach the ground. Great for pottering round town or manoeuvring at low speed; especially if you’ve only got short legs.

The other software update is to the Ducati Connect system and the ‘Human-Machine-Interface’. In a nutshell, they’ve made the menus and systems a little bit more intuitive and easy to navigate.

And because all of these electronic updates are simply software-based, all Ducati need to do to update any 2021 bikes, is plug their computer in and press a few buttons.

And I think this is absolutely fantastic news. Well done Ducati. Because aside from updates and repairs to fix problems or iron out any actual glitches (usually done on a recall basis) this type of thing is fairly rare in the motorcycle world. I don’t know of another manufacturer that gives out free updates to its customers. It seems like a fantastic way to give your customers something back though. And a great way to thank them for their loyalty.

Trend setter

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a trend. Hopefully the other manufacturers will take notice and, where possible, offer similar updates to last year’s model, or the one before that.

I understand that updating old bikes for free has the potential to devalue the next new model. But I reckon most people would be more likely to spend £20k on a bike, if they knew they’d get the electronics updated for free, once every year or so.

If you are a 2021 Multistrada V4 owner, you’ll be contacted through the MyDucati App and via email about the update. And if you’re not a Multistrada V4 owner, this latest news has got to be another reason to be one. Another reason in an already very long list.


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  1. MV did provide updates for free back when I had an F3. But that was largely as they hadn’t finished mapping them properly before launch. Don’t know if that’s still the case.

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