Epic Honda Concepts Unveiled

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GROM50 Scrambler Concept-One
Funky Grom – want

Honda has unveiled some juicy concepts ahead of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, along with a few production models. Weeks after showcasing the RC213V-powered weapon of a car in Frankfurt, the Big H’s highlights include ‘innovative mobility products that are useful in people’s daily lives as well as a lineup of mobility products topped by racing machines that pursue excellence in driving and riding performance.’

We have no idea what this means but it sounds interesting, and some of the recently released photos look simply stunning – exactly what Honda needs. Finer details are scant at the moment but here’s what we do know…

Light Weight Super Sports Concept
The ‘Light Weight Super Sports Concept’ is a naughty-looking sport number, with what looks like a BMW S1000RR seat unit and smaller capacity lump. Why isn’t this in the current range?!


The NEOWING is a brutish, sporty three-wheeled hybrid packing a horizontally-opposed four-cylinder motor, plus an electric motor. This NEEDS to make production.


Super Cub Concept
After the latest craze of buying wanked-out old C90s and transforming them into all manor of fascinating bastardisations, Honda has unveiled a more modern, electric-powered Cub. Not so fussed on this one…


The 44th (great number) Tokyo show takes place between October 30th and November 8th. Expect big things from all the Japanese manufacturers, including more on these Honda Concepts.





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