Last October, Ducati and Dorna Sports (organiser and promoter of the MotoGP World Championship) announced that from 2023 Ducati would be the sole supplier... Ducati V21L prototype on track… watch it here.

Last October, Ducati and Dorna Sports (organiser and promoter of the MotoGP World Championship) announced that from 2023 Ducati would be the sole supplier of bikes to the MotoE World Cup. They’ve built the bike, they’ve taken it to the track, and you can see how they got on below…

It looks as though development of the Ducati MotoE bike is proceeding fairly rapidly. And it also looks as though they’ve managed to build a fairly impressive machine. In the video below, Alex de Angelis, Ducati test rider and former MotoGP rider (as well as MotoE rider) puts the Ducati MotoE bike, the V21L, through it’s paces at Vallelunga Circuit near Rome.

We haven’t been given details about the bike yet, but Ducati have previously said that their product R&D department are working closely with Ducati Corse (Ducati’s racing ‘department’) to create a bike that’s as lightweight as possible. Obviously they’ll want it to be fairly fast too.

Of course, being the sole supplier of bikes to the 2023 and 2024 MotoE World Cup means that, as far as the racing goes, it doesn’t really matter how light or fast the end product is; because everyone will be on the same machine. I’m not sure I agree with the concept of having a single manufacturer provide bikes for a championship like this, but that’s a discussion for another day. You’re here to see the bike in action, so here it is…

Ducati V21L MotoE in action

 Roberto Canè, Ducati eMobility Director, said

“Ever since we took the Ducati MotoE prototype to the track for the first time, development work on the project has never stopped, not even for a moment. The hard work of the whole team is paying off for the efforts made through continuous progress, which is giving us great satisfaction. In just four months, our prototype has already tackled the curves of some of the main Italian circuits, providing positive responses. There is still a lot of work to do, but the direction is certainly the right one”.

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1 year ago

After only being able to endure 12 seconds of the posted video I’ve prepared a list of insults for this poorly conceived atrocity;
They should call this Moto One and Done.
Just what I want to go see; a race full of whiny motorcycles.
Perfect place for guys to take their whiny kids and whiny girlfriend for a day out.
It’ll be the first motorsport that requires a DJ and stimulants to keep the 4 spectators awake.
Ducati is the only manufacturer providing bikes because they were the only company large enough to absorb the massive financial losses.
Maybe if they can’t make it anyone interested can watch it on the TV at the Blue Oyster Bar.

“If this is what is to become of the sport I love, my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death”. – Jesus (mostly)

Last edited 1 year ago by Jim
1 year ago

Hang about DORNA, if Racing improves the breed, what are the other manufacturers going to do in a single make series ?!?!? Looks fast though.