Ducati Panigale V4 | Onboard at Valencia

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Head down, bum up, gut caressing the tank, the dash is reading nearly 300kmh before braking into Valencia’s bonkers first turn. Every lap I tell myself to brake later, as the Ducati Panigale V4 has so much more talent in reserve to gobble corners, but my brain says no. This thing is ridiculous.

Likewise, during corner exit, the throttle is hankering for abuse – abuse that requires serious brain recalibration. A special blend of mechanical grip and an electronics suite that’s raised the bar ensure things don’t get kinda squirrelly. Its ability to carry crushing corner speed and its enthusiasm to drive away from an apex is something paranormal.

We had four sessions aboard a stock V4S and a bonus outing on a slick-shod bike with a full Akrapovic system that delivers 226bhp, and trims 11kg. Think insane V4 power mixed with reassuring grip, then multiply by ten.

While the full review is being cut, have an onboard to whet the appetite.



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