Ducati launches ‘Unica’ customisation program 

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Anyone fancy some camouflage on their Panigale? Perhaps some tricolore Brembos? Or would sir prefer some subtle pinstriping on one’s seat?  Well, Ducati has just launched ‘Ducati Unica’ – unica translates to unique, FYI – which offers customers the chance to jazz-up existing models to their required taste. The official line is, ‘for those who want to build a one-of-a-kind Ducati of their dreams.’

Usually reserved for designing production models and one-off specials, the Ducati Style Centre will open its doors to the public and provide special colours, exotic materials, performance accessories and pretty much anything else your wallet will stretch to. And, being Ducati, this is an exclusive job given the “level of uniqueness and the obsessive attention to detail,” so there’s a limit on how many projects they’ll take on over a year.

Andrea Ferraresi, Centro Stile Ducati Director:“Design is a distinctive element of our creations. We wanted to give Ducatisti the chance to identify themselves even more with their own bike, making it a direct expression of each person’s individual style. Therefore, we created Ducati Unica, an exclusive program that testifies to the excellence of Made in Italy of which Ducati is a representative in the world. An exciting and unforgettable experience of customization to be experienced directly within our Centro Stile. The moment in which Ducatisti finally see their bike is very exciting for us at the Centro Stile and a source of great pride.”

It sounds like you’ll need a wedge of cash though, as with anything from Bologna. Of course, you could save a bucket of money and get the work done elsewhere, but that’s not what Ducati is about. Contact your Ducati dealer for more info on how to get all unica…

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