Docs say Marc Marquez is on the mend

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The latest press release from the HRC Repsol Honda MotoGP team makes for positive reading for any Marc Marquez fans. After a crash at the first round of 2020, the Spanish sensation had operation after operation to fix his poorly arm. One setback after the next though meant he never made it back, all year. But after yet another op, just before Christmas, it’s looking like MM93 might, after all, be fit to ride in 2021.

A statement from HRC said:

A further review of Marc Marquez at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, 10 weeks after surgery for an infected pseudoarthrosis of the right humerus, has confirmed a favourable clinical situation. The medical team led by Doctors Samuel Antuña and Ignacio Roger de Oña, and including Doctors Juan De Miguel, Aitor Ibarzabal and Andrea García Villanueva, assessed the radiographic signs of bone consolidation and were satisfied with the progress. From now on, and during the next few weeks, Marquez will be able to progress steadily in the process of functional recovery of the operated arm.

The first round is due to go ahead in Qatar on the 28th of March, so the physios will be pulling all the stops out to get Marquez as near to fit as possible for then. It’s one thing having an arm that works, but if he hasn’t been able to train as hard as he wants to (let alone ride a bike) he isn’t going to be as sharp as he has been. ‘Favourable clinical situation’ or not. He might be the best in the world, but so are the rest of the MotoGP boys. If the lad isn’t in full form, I think the rest of the grid will tear him a new ring-piece come the first round.

I can’t wait to see what happens.

Marc Marquez
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  1. Marc’s style has always been right on the edge, it’s what made him so successful. If the injury has gotten into his head I wonder if he will be as competitive?

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