Not content with nicking a new KTM once, daylight robber and utter scally from Kent, has another go at the same bike after being... Daylight robber given 9 years after stealing the same KTM… twice.

Not content with nicking a new KTM once, daylight robber and utter scally from Kent, has another go at the same bike after being released by police.

When Jacob Winnett (yes I imagine he did get bullied at school for that name – see ‘winnit’ on Urban Dictionary) was taken in for questioning in November 2019, about the bag of balaclavas, gloves, crowbars and stolen KTM (we think a 1290 Super Duke GT) police found in his possession, you’d have thought they’d have had enough to charge him there and then. But they didn’t, and were forced to release him back into the wild ‘pending further investigation’.

This is despite the police finding the stolen bike inside Winnett’s van, as well as the bag of incriminating evidence. Yes they literally found a bag of evidence. But it wasn’t enough to charge him, so they had the bike impounded at a local recovery yard, and sent him on his merry way.

As you’d expect, Winnett was quite keen on the idea of getting ‘his’ stolen KTM back; so he broke into the recovery yard and did get it back. CCTV shows Winnett stealing the KTM for a second time whilst police try their best to gather more evidence to prosecute him.

It wasn’t until May 2021 that Winnett was arrested and charged with the string of burglaries. In the meantime, he used the KTM to get from one victims house to the next. He targeted large, rural detached houses, usually in the hours of daylight and nicked anything he could find of value; he nicked motorcycles, high performance cars (a Porsche Cayman GT4 and a Jaguar XF), Rolex watches, safes and any cash he could find. A real live, daylight robber.

Investigating officer DC Colin Cherry said:

DC Colin Cherry

“The impact of his crimes was not only financial, but affected a number of the victims mentally, making them feel unsafe in their own homes. Winnett continued to offend even after being initially arrested for the offences and he showed no regard whatsoever for his victims and a scant regard for the law. I am pleased that the court has given Winnett a substantial custodial sentence in relation to this offending and I hope that it brings some justice to the victims of his crimes. I hope that this sentence sends a clear message to like-minded individuals that if you commit burglaries in Kent, we will identify you, arrest you and bring you to justice.”

Winnett was sentenced to nine years and two months in prison for his daylight robber y. Let’s hope that he serves every second of his sentence, and comes out of prison understanding the error of his ways. I think it’s doubtful that he’ll actually serve nine years and two months, though. And I also think he sounds like an incurable wrongun, of which there are far too many about. I’m all for second chances, but this bloke’s already had his. Lock him up and and throw away the key.


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Sharon Winnett
Sharon Winnett
5 months ago

Get your facts correct before you judge.
And you are the incurable wrong one.

Steven Parker
7 months ago

There seems to be something very strange about how thieves are treated in England. In Australia that tosser would have been in the clink before he could blink!