Damon HyperFighter | 200hp E-superbike

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The Canadian electric bike manufacturer that brought us the Hypersport electric superbike have just unveiled their latest weapon. It’s the Damon HyperFighter. It’s got 197bhp, 199Nm of torque, does 0-60 in three seconds, and will do 170mph flat-out. And it looks pretty saucy, too.

The new Damon HyperFighter comes in three different versions; the most basic is the Unlimited 15, then there’s the Unlimited 20, and the trickest one is called the Colossus. If you think that sounds like a rather odd name for a sports motorcycle, you won’t be the only one.

You could say the Unlimited 15 has rather a bizarre name too, since it is in fact limited to 148bhp. It does, however, have the 199Nm of torque as the Unlimited 20 and the Colossus so, according to Damon, is still good for the 3 second 0-60. It has a smaller battery though, so you’ll only get 120 miles out of a full charge; again, that’s according to Damon.

The Unlimited 20 and the Colossus are the ‘bigger,’ faster models. The larger battery versions are said to be able to do 146 miles on a full charge, and you can charge them back up to 80% in just 45 minutes, if you’ve got one of the fast chargers.

The difference between the Unlimited 20 and the Colossus is the level of spec. The Colossus comes with carbon fibre wheels, a single sided swingarm, Brembo brakes and Öhlins suspension. The Unlimited 20 is the cooking version, but just as fast.

You can electronically adjust the position of the handlebars and foot-pegs on all three HyperFighter models, which is pretty cool. There’s also a 360-camera equipped safety warning system.


All that, as you might have guessed, comes at a price. The ‘cheap and cheerful’ Unlimited 15 will be $19,000 in the USA. The mummy-bear Unlimited 20 will be $25,000. And the trick-as-you-like, Colossus rocketship will be $35,000. Going off today’s exchange rate, that’s about £14,000, £18,500 and £25,850 respectively.

At least the electric bike manufacturers are getting a few things right now. This one looks great, and sounds as though it’s going to be mega fast. But I think most of us agree that they’re still too expensive, and they still don’t have the range. But we’re getting closer and closer.


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