Crash, Bang, Bugger…

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Photo: Freezeframe Photography

Racing is a bit like having a poo: push too hard and it’ll end in a bloody mess. I’ve spent 2014 racing in the Ducati TriOptions Cup alongside the British Superbikes, and on one fateful Saturday afternoon at Silverstone, my ambition far outweighed my talent. When you see P1 on your pit board after a season of mincing about on the fringes of a top-5, all sorts of testosterone-induced heroics spontaneously occur. It ended in a bloody mess.

In many ways, I would have preferred a broken arm instead of the catastrophic damage to my P&H Motorcycles 899 Panigale, caused by hitting the pit wall, riderless, at 100mph. Racing on a budget and time constraints ensure the next few months will be an utter pain in the cock.

We’ll be covering the reconstruction process from start to finish in a bid to make the grid again in 2015. Ironically, the 44-tooth sprocket on the back is one of the only salvageable components remaining…

Rule #1 of crashing: stack it in front of a camera. Thanks to Freezeframe Photography for capturing the moment, although you could have captured the bike before it hit the wall…

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