Close-up: British Superbike Electronics

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Happy New Year to all 44Teefers. We hope you drank plenty, the turkey comedown wasn’t too horrendous, and Santa bought a big sack of kickass. Apologies for the lack of fresh content recently on this splendiferous site; it’s a new year and, while the videos have been flowing, we’ve been working on an all-new website to assist with world domination…

Anyway, back to the subject matter: British Superbike Electronics. We spent a weekend with Moto Rapido Ducati at the end of last season, studying the squad’s every move and generally annoying them. Part of the reason why our previous BSB videos have gone down so well is because it’s content normally reserved for those in the paddock. AAA at its finest.

In this episode, I sat down with Steve Moore (team boss) to discuss the complexities of electronics in British Superbikes. Just because there are no rider aids in BSB, that doesn’t mean the laptop doesn’t need abusing – as you’ll discover in this video.

When I raced BSB in 2009 against a field predominantly utilising WSB-spec Magneti Marelli, we had HRC electronics that simply didn’t work. The traction control didn’t work, neither did the anti-wheelie, which is frankly horrific when 220bhp was instantly dished out – and which is probably why I crashed the fuck out of it. These boys don’t know how lucky they are…


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