Classic Bike Trackdays = Winning

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Bored of two clicks, old Caddy jokes, ARN leathers and general trackday shit? Have you got a pre-2000 track bike or a retro ride? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then we have the solution for you. Up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea that Classic Bike Trackdays existed but – like a post-op poo after a morphine-induced bog break – they’re a massive relief.

When Kieran from Renaissance Racing rang and said he’d booked me a slot at Castle Combe with Classic Bike Trackdays, I said my thank yous and wondered what exactly Classic Bike Trackdays were. And, just by coincidence, Chris had also booked a place at Combe with his borderline-acceptable Mille. 

Numbers are far less than normal trackdays, the group sizes are smaller and the groups themselves are fluid, meaning they’re split into similarly aged bikes or rider experience. And yet they’re similarly priced to ’normal’ trackdays, if not cheaper. 

As mentioned in the video, the clientele is very different; there are no egos, no willy-waving heroics, no wannabe racers and no racing divas. Everyone is there for the same reason; because they love older bikes and take pride in their steeds.

We’re going back…   

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  1. That was a great video. I got into bikes late 90’s early 2000’s and that brought me back to a younger version on me when racing and riding was all about the rider and not all the fancy electronics

  2. Love these older bikes, they really looked to be set up well, that would have been so much fun. I have a few older 90’s bikes that I track/race and just love them all. Anyone can buy a new bike that’s amazing to ride, it takes some effort to find and buy the old bike that you like, get it running, make it reliable and handle well. You end up loving them so much more.

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