Two wheels or four?
It’s not often we feature anything other than two wheels on 44Teeth (my sidecar being the obvious recent exception) but there’s no reason why we can’t branch out and bring you sexy guys/gals some more diverse content. Yes, we’re all about that moto life, but if there’s one thing... Read more
Budget Bike Battle Reload: SRAD upgrades
It was 2018 when I first laid eyes on the SRAD in a ‘budget’ shop in Leeds. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight and, fast forward three years, I certainly didn’t expect to be wasting spending time overhauling the old girl and treating her to some fancy upgrades. It’s safe to say we’ve had... Read more
Video: The Lockdown Show #4
What’s that? It’s Monday? That must mean another half hour of two twats in wigs and a bloke with a suspicious semi hanging out near a crack den. That’s right, ladies and gents, it’s the Lockdown Show, and we’re a whole month into this new ’thing.’  I was chatting... Read more
Video: The Lockdown Show
Welcome back to another week and another lockdown show – the show that keeps changing name but I think we’ve finally settled on ‘The Lockdown Show,’ because it’s a show during lockdown. I’m sure you’re as bored, frustrated and going as insane as we are but, fear not, here’s... Read more
The Ultimate Bike Simulator?
When the tracks are closed but you’re gagging to twist the noise tube, there’s only one thing for it. Well, there are several options, but most of them involve flouting the rules/breaking the law/driving to Spain, so you need a bike simulator to prevent a fine from Boris. As... Read more
Win a brand-new RST V4.1 airbag suit!
Welcome back to another Monday Night Show, or Lockdown Show. Or whatever else we’re going to call the bloody thing. This exciting new format – which has never been attempted previously, nor have we based it on any daytime television show – was conjured up to help ease the... Read more
Video: The 44T Lockdown Show
Without trying to state the obvious, we’re living in unprecedented times – unprecedentedly negative times too – so our job is to bring you guys some positivity on a regular basis. I like to think we do that anyway, but we’ve come up with a consistent way of delivering... Read more
Video: Dream Garage | TT Special
The ‘Dream Garage’ feature was an idea to showcase willing individuals’ man caves for you beauties to peruse, although it’s safe to say we peaked too soon with Patrick’s collection of factory Grand Prix bikes – and consequent eargasms. The criteria isn’t too strict for a Dream Garage feature,... Read more
Video: Old or New? 40 years of the BMW GS
The BMW GS, in any guise, has always been perceived as an old man’s bike. The world’s most popular ‘big’ bike leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of the sportsbike fraternity, like it left a big, stenchy turd under their pillow, or something far worse given the contempt. The... Read more
Two-Stroke Chaos | Skegness Beach Race
Video: Honda Monkey EXTREME
Despite what some ladies say, size doesn’t always matter – as proven here by the Honda Monkey. Packing a heroic 9bhp and weighing less than one of my heftier turds, it’s no surprise that the Monkey is hilarious fun in any environment, which is why we took a pair of the... Read more
Video: BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Review