Budget Bike Battle Bavaria | Cinema Dates
Click here to purchase some lovely tickets, you lovely people… Read more
Stuart Garner gets away with it.
It’s just been announced that Stuart Garner, who was found guilty last month of illegally investing £11 million worth of his employees pensions into Norton Motorcycles, has been sentenced… well, if you can call it a sentencing. Just this morning (Thursday 31 March 2022), the 53-year-old appeared before Derby... Read more
ULEZ Expansion | How long before the whole of Britain is an Ultra-Low Emission Zone?
In a recent speech, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced that Transport for London are discussing expanding the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) to cover the whole of Greater London from 2023. Will the next step be to introduce similar schemes in all the towns and cities across... Read more
World’s best EV charging network will be in the UK… So what?
Transport Minister Trudy Harrison reckons the UK government is going to help create “one of the best EV charging networks in the world” so that we can all get electric cars and bikes and help save the planet. There are still quite a few issues when it comes to... Read more
MOT Tested and Dangerous
When searching for a ‘new’ second-hand bike to buy, I, like most people, would always favour the bike with a current MOT certificate. As well as suggesting a level of mechanical soundness, it means you don’t have to mess around taking the bike to an MOT station to get... Read more
Is the Government trying to ban bikes from green lanes?
The government have started a consultation process which could see an end to motorcycles being allowed to use green lanes. In early 2018, the government asked the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to do a review into whether the management of National Parks and Areas of Outstanding... Read more
Daylight robber given 9 years after stealing the same KTM… twice.
Not content with nicking a new KTM once, daylight robber and utter scally from Kent, has another go at the same bike after being released by police. When Jacob Winnett (yes I imagine he did get bullied at school for that name – see ‘winnit’ on Urban Dictionary) was... Read more
The NIMBY lot are at it again.
Half a mile or so away from the sleepy little village of Ashover, in Derbyshire, lies Butts Quarry, one of the oldest motocross tracks in the country. But soon, if a small minority of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) villagers have their way, the MX track will be... Read more
The Decarbonisation Plan | Riding to the Future
If electric cars are going to save the earth (which we all know is debatable), you’d have to say that electric bikes are, too. And whether they can save the earth or not, it’s an absolute fact that they can reduce congestion. And it sounds like the government might... Read more
Beware of naughty auction tricks
Recently I’ve seen a few adverts on various auction sites that are peppered with lies. Lies that, unless you knew better, or knew how to find out the truth, you might very well believe. So to help you avoid having your pants pulled down by a dodgy seller, I... Read more
The shocking state of UK roads
Lots of people get really upset about the state of the roads in the UK. For the amount of road tax we all pay, they should be pristine, shouldn’t they? But they’re not. Potholes continue to grow and multiply, drains remain blocked causing vast swathes of highway to disappear... Read more
Why antisocial behaviour is our friend in 2022.
Since 1998 the authorities have been handing out ASBOs (Antisocial Behaviour Orders) to scallies and scumbags across the UK. I think they call them ‘Civil Injunctions’ now but essentially it’s the same thing; a punishment for ill behaviour. And whilst I’m sure no member of the vast 44Teeth community... Read more