Top 5 – People to avoid at a bike café
It’s great knocking around with like-minded people, isn’t it? But don’t forget, there are weirdos in all walks of life and the motorcycle world is no exception. To help keep you safe from the bonkers and the boring, we’ve compiled a list of the top five people to avoid... Read more
Why don’t we have any British MotoGP riders?
In years gone by, we’ve had some bloody good British riders in the premier class of motorcycle racing. The latest and greatest is undoubtedly Cal Crutchlow, but before him we had Jeremy McWilliams to cheer on and it’s easy to forget that former WSBK champions Neil Hodgson and James... Read more
Slow drivers; you’re the problem
How many times have you heard someone say ‘speed kills’? It’s obviously a very odd thing to say, since we all know that it’s not the speed that kills; it’s the stopping really, really quickly that does the damage. No, when someone tells you that ‘speed kills’, they’re talking... Read more
Cheating in Bike Racing
You don’t always hear about it because it’s usually only discovered after the telly cameras have stopped rolling. But even now, there’s still plenty of cheating in bike racing. More often than not, it goes completely undetected, but every now and then the perps get caught red handed. But... Read more
A wedding or a new bike?
I saw a statistic the other day that genuinely made my jaw drop. Apparently the average cost of a wedding in the UK is £16,000. Now I don’t know (or really care) how true that actually is, but if you’d seriously consider spunking that sort of cash on a... Read more
Motorcycle helmet law; legislation for idiots.
Whilst perusing the world wide web for information about the latest motorcycle helmet law safety standards, I came across some interesting articles. 50 years after the UK government mandated the use of helmets on public roads, people are still bitching about it. Well nearly 50 years, anyway. Intrigued, I... Read more
Poke your dash cam up your botty
We’re already living in a Big Brother state. We’ve got the eyes of the establishment on us seemingly endlessly, and it’s been the case for some years now. Up until fairly recently though, unless you were being really naughty, or you were on MI5’s list of most wanted, you... Read more
Capital punishment for bike thieves
Have you ever had a bike nicked? I have, so I know from experience that it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. The feeling in the pit of your stomach when you discover your bike’s missing is 10 times worse than the biggest kick in the ‘nads.... Read more
Why are bike chases in films so ridiculous?
How many times have you sat down with the family to watch the latest big-budget Hollywood blockbuster on a Saturday night, desperate for your fix of choreographed violence, laughably unlikely plotlines, frustratingly child-friendly sex scenes and grossly exaggerated pyrotechnic displays? We’ve got a lot to thank the likes of... Read more
Oh, you don’t like wheelies?
Believe it or not, there are some people out there that think wheelies aren’t cool. They see them as pointless, dangerous and nothing but a futile attempt to show off. I’d bet my house though, that none of the weapons that hold this viewpoint have ever successfully performed a... Read more
Valentino Rossi Broke My Heart, or something…
I didn’t watch the Malaysian MotoGP live. Instead, I enjoyed a weekend of debauchery with ten of my bestest mates at a secluded holiday house in Salcombe, Devon. You know, feverishly drinking and inhaling Mr Sheene under a duvet with whores and plenty of poker and japery. I was... Read more
Is this the future of UK racing talent?
It’s the British GP at Silverstone this weekend. Although the home-crowning fairytale is mathematically impossible, Danny Kent is edging towards bringing the first GP title back to Blighty since Barry Sheene in 1977. Even without clinching the championship, Kent is already the most successful British rider since Bazza’s era... Read more