Confessions part 2 | Cheating
I’ve never really considered myself a cheater. That said I’d be lying if I said I’ve never been disqualified for exactly that; cheating. And it’s something that I’m never allowed to forget, because when it happened I was racing against my girlfriend’s brothers, and she still reminds me of... Read more
Confessions of a motorcycle racer part 1
Some athletes are purer than the driven snow when it comes to sportsmanship, fair play and all that stuff. But in my experience, the bike racing world is hardly top-heavy with those sorts of characters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome sport to be a part of, but... Read more
How to look after your helmet
Look after your helmet, and your helmet will look after you, that’s what I was always taught. And nothing could be more true. No, I’m not talking about your penis, I’m talking about your crash helmet. Because a well-cared-for lid could be the difference between a crash causing serious... Read more
New Year’s resolutions everyone needs
Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? New year, new you, and all that. Plenty of us make some sort of oath to ourselves, be it to lose a bit of weight, learn a new skill, or knock the ciggies on the head, starting from the first of January;... Read more
Is racing better than sex?
Anyone who’s ever raced a motorbike will know it’s really good, most of the time. Just like anyone who’s ever had sex will know that’s really good too, most of the time. In fact, there’s quite a lot of similarities between bike racing and having sex; both will make... Read more
Five main types of motorcycle frame
Before the internet came along and I couldn’t get my daily fix of bikes and breasts online, you’d quite often find me with my head in a magazine. If I wasn’t pulling out the centrefolds for masturbatory purposes, I was ogling over the latest and greatest superbikes; dreaming of... Read more
How dangerous is YOUR town? Top 10 regions ranked
Bognor Regis in Bloom, Hull City of Culture, best city for this, best city for that. These days, you can’t move for intercity league tables and town tenders to hold next years annual Crufts meeting. And I’m sick of it. Nothing could be more boring, could it? That’s why... Read more
The perfect superbike for £25,000
Not long ago, on an Island in the middle of the Irish sea, the 44T wrecking crew embarked upon a quest to find the very best production sportsbike over the mountain section of the Isle of Man TT course. And we found it. You’ll find no spoilers here, but... Read more
One platform ten models
Are you unhappy about the fact that the new Yamaha R7 and Kawasaki Z650RS are both twins? You’re not alone. The argument is that the ‘original’ R7 and Z650 were four-cylinder machines, so their modern namesakes ought to be, too. I understand the argument, and to some extent I... Read more
Slow crashes | why do they always hurt?
When you’ve crashed as many times as me, you get to learn a few things. And contrary to popular misconception, it doesn’t always hurt. In fact nine times out of ten, you can pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and live to ride another day; even when you have... Read more
Motocross dads and pushy parents
At the weekend, I went out for a ride on my motocross bike. I wasn’t racing, I was just at the practice track with a few friends. Whilst I enjoyed my day for the most part, I found myself getting more and more irritated by the bloke parked three... Read more
One bike for the rest of your life…
I was caught off guard the other day when someone asked me, “if you could only have one bike for the rest of your life, what would it be?” That is of course one of the hardest questions known to man, up there with centuries old conundra like “What... Read more