The sun’s finally out, but I’m not.
Today, the sun’s finally out, the skies blue, and it’s a barmy 11°c outside. It’s the perfect day to go for a quick lunchtime spin on the bike. And that was exactly what I intended to do. But it wasn’t to be, and I feel like crying. It would... Read more
Why (some) people hate motorcyclists.
Have you ever wondered why we motorcyclists seemed to be sneered upon, by all the other motorists on the road? Despite paying our fair share of road tax, we’re hated almost as much as cyclists, and I’ve often wondered why. So I’ve had a really good think about it,... Read more
Why I almost binned all my trophies.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of legendary motorcycle racer that’s won races and championships all over the world. I’m a fairly average one, to be honest. But I’ve been doing it a long time, and I’ve had a little bit of moderate success here and there.... Read more
It’s not too early to start planning your summer holiday
It’s 2022. A new year, a new you, and all that nonsense. This one’s going to be a good one though; the best one yet. As long as you start making plans now. What’s happening this year that’ll make it even better than last year? If you don’t know... Read more
Why bike racing fans are better than any other sports fans
Not everyone will know this, but bike racing fans are way better than any other type of sports fans. Or certainly better than any I’ve ever come across anyway. “In what way?” I hear you ask. Well quite a few ways… let me explain. Knowledge It never ceases to... Read more
Why selling a bike is like losing a family member
I’ve got a bit of a problem (actually, I could probably write you a list of ‘em). I love buying motorbikes, no matter how old or falling to bits they are. But the problem is, I really struggle to sell them. So what’s happened is this, I’ve filled up... Read more
Are you a biker or a motorcyclist?
Is there even a difference? I think there is. To me, the two words have wildly different connotations. And if you ride a motorbike, you’ll be somewhere on the biker vs motorcyclist spectrum. There’s no right or wrong side and many people might consider themselves to be just either... Read more
Why bike insurance is more expensive than your old MCE policy
Over the last few weeks, the internet has been buzzing with talk of MCE Insurance. Specifically how they’ve let a massive portion of their customer-base down. Long story short, they’ve gone into administration, so any policies underwritten by their own underwriters will be void come the end of the... Read more
Who’d ride a modern Kawasaki ZXR400?
Would you ride a modern day Kawasaki ZXR400, if they were as good as they used to be in the 90s? I think I would. And we might just get the chance to soon, because rumour has it, Kawasaki have got a model ready to launch that might hark... Read more
There’s no such thing as bad weather
It’s January and it’s raining outside. It rained yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that. And it’s easy to use the excuse of ‘bad weather’ to stop us going out on our bikes. I’ll be honest, I’m as guilty as the next man for it.... Read more
Confessions part 4 | Don’t steal my sponsor
There’s an unwritten rule in bike racing that you don’t steal someone else’s sponsor. It’s like shagging another bloke’s wife; it’s just really bad form. That said, I’m sure both of those things do go on in equal measure, in most racing paddocks. They certainly do in any racing... Read more
Confessions part 3 | Cheating again
The second time I got caught cheating went very differently. This time I was about 20, racing in the British Superstock Championship. I was racing for quite a big team with quite a big sponsor. It was a sponsor that I had originally brought to the paddock, and one... Read more