Golden Oldies of Bike Racing | Why there’re still fast
Rossi, McGuiness, Rutter, Walker, Bayliss, Corsa, Anstey. What have they got in common? All of them were (and some still are) racing with people half their age, and (often) absolutely smoking them. Most professional athletes, whatever their sport, have 10 years max at the top of their game. Few... Read more
Industry Insider: floggers, new bikes and BSB…’s new guest columnist Dave Davidson, Industry Insider talks about vloggers, non-existent Yamaha’s, and ex-WSBK Champs. Vlogg off What’s the difference between a desperate vlogger and a professional journalist? If you don’t know the answer to that, than I’m afraid to say, you’re part of the problem. I’m happy... Read more
The guilty conscience of the sportsbike rider
I used to think it was just me that got unnecessarily nervous when I saw a member of the constabulary parked in his jam sandwich, watching me ride past. Even when I’m doing absolutely nothing wrong. And if locking eyes with PC Plod whilst he’s parked up is bad,... Read more
When 200bhp isn’t enough
Some people will say that a 200bhp motorbike is ludicrously excessive. And they’d be right. That amount of power, on two wheels and roughly 200kg is indeed, nothing short of bonkers. And whilst the majority of the time, 200bhp is more than enough for any occasion, I have, in... Read more
London | A two-wheel only zone
If you’ve ever driven a car in central London, you’ll know how much of a ball-ach it can be. In fact riding a bike in the capitol is a pain in the bottom, never mind a car, just because of the sheer volume of traffic. I learnt this just... Read more
Motorcyclists | An aging population?
I’ve heard a ton of people saying it, but is it really true? Are we motorcyclists really an aging population? Are we really a dying breed? Well I’ve done some research, and at the end of last year, there were 1.27 million bikes on the road in the UK.... Read more
A dirty motorbike is a dangerous motorbike
As far as many are concerned, to have a dirty motorbike is bad form. And, if you ask me, it’s for good reason. Because a dirty motorbike doesn’t just look a bit horrible. Oh no, like the penis, if you don’t clean it thoroughly after use, it could end... Read more
I thought I was fast | I wasn’t…
If you surround yourself with short people, you’ll start believing your tall. If you surround yourself with ugly people, you’ll start believing you’re a looker. And if you surround yourself with slower riders, you’ll start believing you’re god’s gift to motorcycling. And I should know, because it happened to... Read more
When is 200bhp too much?
Some people will tell you that 200bhp is too much power for anyone to have in a motorcycle. And whilst it is a whopping amount of power, I don’t necessarily agree that it’s too much. Everybody knows that the throttle works both ways, and if you’re capable of operating... Read more
The throttle works both ways.
A mate of mine passed his bike test about 20 years ago, spent a couple of years occasionally wobbling about on an SV650 and then got it nicked. In a fit of understandable rage he vowed never to own a motorcycle again; their just too ‘nickable’ he said. But... Read more
Shitterton to Twatt: 1,800 miles on a moped…
Have you ever thought of riding from Shitterton to Twatt? We have. It’s roughly 800 miles and you’ll have to ride back again. But have you ever contemplated riding from Shitterton to Twatt on a 49cc moped, and stopping off at some of the UK’s funniest-named places? We haven’t.... Read more
Always have a helmet at hand
I’m writing this as I bounce along in the passenger seat of a Mercedes Atego truck on my way to Spa Francorchamps. I’m heading down with a couple of mates to race my trusty old ZX-10R in a 6 hour endurance race. Five days ago, I didn’t even know... Read more