Minimoto Madness: Part Two
Remember last year’s post-Christmas minimoto endurance race, where Team 44Teeth acted as mobile chicanes amongst a clusterfuck of broken bones and trips to A&E? Well, there’s another instalment planned this Chrimbo and we’re rerunning the fun on the 27th of December – with a twist. The format is the... Read more
Motorcycle Live
Team 44Teeth were mixing business with pleasure yesterday at Motorcycle Live: pleasuring ourselves whilst inspired by the onslaught of sexy 2016 steeds and epic one-offs on display. And business? Trying to figure how to monetise this excellence. Either way, it was a spectacle truly appreciated by the majority. Even... Read more
SCOOP! Valentino Rossi – The Game
We’re in Italy at the Monza Rally. Why? Milestone – the makers of the Official MotoGP game – have announced a partnership with Valentino Rossi for 2016. Next year’s version will be ‘dressed in yellow,’ featuring all the usual championship gaming but dedicated to the nine-time world champion. With... Read more
Want to know more about the Ducati 959 Panigale?
After the bedlam of EICMA and the Milan show last week, this week’s action looks set to be a little less hectic. We’re off to Valencia’s Ricardo Tormo circuit for the world press launch of the Ducati 959 Panigale – a track perfect for supermid spankings and assessing its... Read more
BMW joins the Scrambler revolution
Rumour has it that every motorcycle manufacturer will produce a scrambler by 2017. Like ABS, it’ll be compulsory amid sweeping legislation changes throughout the industry and may even assist in world peace, love and harmony. That first paragraph is, of course, dramatised satire. But if someone told us even... Read more
Carne Fresca a Milano
The title translates to ‘fresh meat in Milan,’ which could hint at other meaty connotations. However, the next few days will define 2016 as the world’s biggest motorcycle show commences and every manufacturer will be debuting next season’s models – plus a few old ones… In preparation for EICMA,... Read more
Arm Pump: The Devil’s Work
Arm pump is the devil’s work, pure and simple. Any trackday regular or racer who has suffered this nasty, inexplicable ailment will comprehend the damage it can cause, whether it be spoiling a trackday session or utterly ruining a race weekend. I’m not going to lie: it’s bungled my... Read more
Settin’ Trendz by 44Teeth + RichArt Concepts
I’m still coming to terms with just how blisteringly sexual my new Shark looks. After waiting all morning for the special delivery, and the obligatory unboxing while nursing a chubby, we spent a night together cuddled up in bed. This way-too-peng paintjob is all down to RichArt Concepts’ unbelievable... Read more
Stunning Honda RVF400 NC35
Sunday evening, trawling through social media’s inane drivel, occupied with wanky migrants memes, endless weekend selfies and other intoxicated occurrences, Misano’s MotoGP ponderings and…this beauty. This is a mate’s creation: a stunning, uncluttered modern take on Honda’s iconic NC35, a bike I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for. At a... Read more
Muddy Rutting with John McGuinness
We’re in South Wales at Dave Thorpe’s Off-Road Centre. There’s a scarily steep slag heap situated at the top of the mountain, just off the Brecons, and it looks like we’re riding the highest part of the surrounding valleys. To give you some idea of the altitude, we can... Read more
Reviewed: Hitting The Apex
I’ve just sat down to watch a dubplate screening of Hitting the Apex: a behind the scenes MotoGP documentary directed by Mark Neale who gave us Faster and Fastest. Essentially, it’s the story of MotoGP from the late Noughties to the current day, covering six riders and the main... Read more
ABS: Help or Hindrance?
Head down, bum up, throttle pinned at 150mph. Grab a handful of brake. A momentary period of satisfying stopping power then…nothing. Hurtling towards a tyre wall at that speed without any brakes because a little black box has thrown a wobbler isn’t my idea of fun. As of 2016,... Read more