Settin’ Trendz by 44Teeth + RichArt Concepts
I’m still coming to terms with just how blisteringly sexual my new Shark looks. After waiting all morning for the special delivery, and the obligatory unboxing while nursing a chubby, we spent a night together cuddled up in bed. This way-too-peng paintjob is all down to RichArt Concepts’ unbelievable... Read more
Stunning Honda RVF400 NC35
Sunday evening, trawling through social media’s inane drivel, occupied with wanky migrants memes, endless weekend selfies and other intoxicated occurrences, Misano’s MotoGP ponderings and…this beauty. This is a mate’s creation: a stunning, uncluttered modern take on Honda’s iconic NC35, a bike I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for. At a... Read more
Muddy Rutting with John McGuinness
We’re in South Wales at Dave Thorpe’s Off-Road Centre. There’s a scarily steep slag heap situated at the top of the mountain, just off the Brecons, and it looks like we’re riding the highest part of the surrounding valleys. To give you some idea of the altitude, we can... Read more
Reviewed: Hitting The Apex
I’ve just sat down to watch a dubplate screening of Hitting the Apex: a behind the scenes MotoGP documentary directed by Mark Neale who gave us Faster and Fastest. Essentially, it’s the story of MotoGP from the late Noughties to the current day, covering six riders and the main... Read more
ABS: Help or Hindrance?
Head down, bum up, throttle pinned at 150mph. Grab a handful of brake. A momentary period of satisfying stopping power then…nothing. Hurtling towards a tyre wall at that speed without any brakes because a little black box has thrown a wobbler isn’t my idea of fun. As of 2016,... Read more
Oulton Park + Post-service Spankings
Bad news I’m afraid: Baron von Grumble was arrested by the carbon fibre police yesterday. The special force – who has strong links to government officials and MI6 – cited several horrendous clashes of carbon weave (particularly the conflicting directions) and a complete disregard for trackday fashion. Carbon wheels,... Read more
New Alpinestars Supertech R
We’ve got our hands on the latest spec Alpinestars Supertech R, which feature a medley of updates and look even sexier for 2015. There are several reasons why I love wearing Supertechs and have chosen to for over 10 years. On an everyday vibe and assuming you’ve bagged the... Read more
Five minutes with… Darren Gough
I don’t like cricket. I love it. Actually, that’s a lie manufactured for entertainment purposes but I do enjoy some Ashes action. For me, cricket is a sport that thrives on characters and short, sharp TV-molested varieties of the game to maintain interest in fringe viewers.   Darren Gough... Read more
All-Ducati Trackday at Silverstone
As you may have gathered via yesterday’s social media activity, Team 44Teeth were present for Ducati’s annual trackday celebrations at Silverstone. We got to sample a smidgen of the 2015 range, surrounded by Desmo-heads and friendly Ducatisti. Much L-twin infested fun was had by all. There were a handful... Read more
BMW Dynamic Brake Light
BMW released details of its 2016 range last week, with a medley of fresh colour schemes and a special-edition R nineT among the highlights. But the main focus was firm’s latest safety contraption: Dynamic Brake Light… There have been numerous innovative, braking-related safety ideas nearing production but typically, safety-conscious... Read more
Guy Martin’s 1000bhp Triumph
Housewives’ favourite truck mechanic, tea drinker, purveyor of pork scratchings and occasional TT racer, Guy Martin, will attempt to break the motorcycle land speed record at Bonneville salt flats in August. With the help of Triumph, Guy – who has recently ditched the trademark lamb chops – needs to... Read more
All-new Suzuki GSX-R1000 in 2016?
We think so. After chatting to various sources (some reputable, some more HP sauce-like) and race teams in recent months, it’s pretty much a dead-cert we’ll see an all-new Suzuki GSX-R1000 in 2016 – more than likely at the Tokyo/EICMA shows later this year – and some even claim... Read more