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Today, the 1st November 2021, Buell have officially started manufacturing motorcycles once again. It’ll be the first time since 2009 that a Buell rolls off a production line, when Harley Davidson put the brand on the back burner, to try and save a few bucks.

Harley Davidson, who sold the Buell name to Liquid Asset Partners (LAP) won’t, now, have anything to do with the manufacturing of the new rage of motorbikes. And it’s a range which is said to (eventually) include everything from superbikes to adventurers.

Neither will Erik Buell, who sold Erik Buell Racing to LAP, too. Instead, Erik will concentrate on his new electric motorcycle project; a brand he has interestingly named ‘Fuell’.

Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell Motorcycle Co, said this

“When we said Buell is Back, we meant it. We have former executives from, General Motors, Lotus Engineering, Toyota, and Bombardier Recreational Products. We know we are manufacturing and developing the highest quality products. Now we are putting the finishing touches on our factory and kicking off production of the Best American Superbike; the Hammerhead 1190. Buell is Back!”

The Buell Hammerhead will be their 1190cc, 185hp, 137Nm, 190kg, V-Twin superbike. It has Buell’s specialised aluminium ‘Fuel in Frame’ design which apparently is dead strong, lowers your centre of gravity and improves balance. For some reason, I find the idea of fuel inside the frame a little bit worrying; although it’s probably safer in there than it would be in a plastic fuel tank. They start at $17,995 (about £13,200), and the ordering system for the Hammerhead is open, but there’s no telling how long you’ll be waiting if you decide to put your name down.

If the Hammerhead doesn’t float your boat but you’d love a Buell, fear not. Because eventually according to Steve Lamb, Chief Products, Development and Strategy Officer, they’ll soon “include variants for dirt, touring, cruisers” as well as “extending [their] engine line-up”.

Founded in 1983, Buell might not be one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturer, but they have built some pretty cool bikes over the years, so it’s good to see the brand getting an injection of enthusiasm from it’s new owners. And it’s even better to see the first bike they’re concentrating on is a superbike. And a reasonably decent looking one, at that. I think I’d want to see one in the flesh before I put an order in though…


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