Budget Bike Battle Bavaria

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Welcome to Budget Bike Battle Bavaria. That’s right, the greatest thing ever to grac the internet is back, and we’re taking two of the 90’s finest superbikes to German for a sausage fest Oktoberfest. We may be missing the vital ingredient that is Boothy, but the rest of the ingredients look set to produce absolute gold…   

The plan is a simple but sexy one; come and join us at a cinema near you for an evening of fun and frolics, as you’ll get to view a directors’ cut of Budget Bike Battle Bavaria and pummel us with your questions in a live event. You can even twist the throttles and sniff the seats of our steeds (assuming they’re not written off or damaged in a fire). 

Until we know exact numbers and locations that will host us, we’ve given you five options to choose around the the UK and we’re looking to entertain you guys in January. Again, exact dates will be confirmed ASAP. 

The Budget Bike Battles are a massive money losing exercise for us and, while we have the wonderful assistance from WD-40 for this one, your assistance would also be appreciated.

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Thanks. Bye. X 

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  1. Buzzing to see bbb is back missed the bbb banter and watching Jason statham and sue perkins on another adventure.

  2. Despite it’s probably too late and the planning is done, just in case you’re interested, I could recommend some routes in the Black Forest, you might have overseen… As I’m living there and do nearly all of my biking in that area, I know some hidden gems. And in case you have to spare some budget, I might convince my wife to let some british gentlemen use our guest room for one or two nights… (Or join on the 26th of Sept. on Anneau du Rhin Racetrack)

  3. I live right next to the Theresienwiese. Unfortunately, I’m out of town for almost all of the duration of the Oktoberfest.
    Unless you guys come between September 30th, and October 3rd, I cannot buy you a beer, shake hands, and perhaps go for a ride.

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