BMW Dynamic Brake Light

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P90189551BMW released details of its 2016 range last week, with a medley of fresh colour schemes and a special-edition R nineT among the highlights. But the main focus was firm’s latest safety contraption: Dynamic Brake Light…

There have been numerous innovative, braking-related safety ideas nearing production but typically, safety-conscious BMW has pioneered new brake light technology that’s reactive with speed and operates in two stages: if the rider brakes from over 50km/h, the brake light flashes at a rate of 5hz. If the bike’s speed drops below 14km/h, the hazard lights are activated. The system will only be available on the 2016 R 1200 GS, S 1000 XR and the K 1600 range – see the vid below for the full lowdown.

Just the other day I was riding down a congested motorway, severely stop-starting and praying I wouldn’t get shunted in the botty by Dave in his Audi; the obese rep eating a burger and texting with the other hand.

It kinda makes perfect sense – a flashing illumination is far more perceptible to the human eye than a permanent light, particularly on a bike with little surface area. Anything to make riding safer without making you look like a raging bell-end can only be a good thing, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the technology was soon made compulsory in the very near future.

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