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If you want to be part of the Isle of Man TT Races this year, you’re in luck, because registrations to be part of the marshalling team for the 2022 event have just opened. And thanks to the new Safety Management System implemented by the TT organisers after the two year hiatus, there is now a fully fit-for-purpose training program in place.

The new scheme is intended to support and encourage new marshals, and to increase the overall effectiveness of the marshalling teams across the Isle of Man TT course. It has definitely not been designed as a barrier to anyone wanting to get involved.

Signing up as a TT marshal is easy* but before you’re allowed out on the Mountain Course you have to complete two, online training modules. According to the TT Marshals Association, they’re dead easy to access and take about 20 minutes each to complete. The basic idea behind the two online courses is to ensure every single marshal on the TT course knows what their responsibilities are, and has the level of understanding they need to act with confidence.

On-site training

If you don’t have time to complete the training modules before you arrive on the Isle of Man, training will also be available up in the TT paddock on the Island, in the designated TT Marshals area.

If you have had time to complete the two online training modules and fancy doing a bit of further education, you can also enrol yourself on one of the updated Incident Management Courses (IMC). IMC courses will run on the Island, as well as Birkenhead, Rugby and Swindon, to make them more accessible for folk on the mainland. The IMC goes into a lot more depth, with loads of practical elements like ‘sidecar vehicle extraction’ and a lot of new medical stuff.

The TT races simply wouldn’t happen without the army of volunteers giving up their time to marshal the course, so to see the TT Marshals Association going all out to train as many new marshals as they can, is very good news indeed.

Jane Corlett, Company Director of the TTMA Ltd said

“I am really proud of all the improvements that the TTMA has been able to make in the last two years and the number of marshals that will have completed their training. Although we’ve missed our marshalling community and the racing, I feel this hiatus has given us a window of opportunity to reflect, review and improve the way we work and the support we offer to our marshals.

Our focus has always been safety. From 2022 onwards, nobody will be able to sign on as a marshal without having completed two online training modules, this is the entry level standard we need for marshals to be effective and to be confident in their post.

It is hoped by myself and the directors of the TTMA that these updates will be recognised as necessary and that the new infrastructure will support the long term sustainability and development of all marshals.”

Gary Thompson, TT Clerk of the Course said

“ACUE have been working closely alongside the directors at the TTMA to support the role out of increased training locations and availability of the Incident Management Course for marshals. To see such a significant uplift in the numbers of marshals coming forward for training is very encouraging.

Do you think you’d look good in orange? If you do, and you want front row seats to the most incredible motorsport event in the entire world, why not put your name down to be a TT marshal.

* Registrations are now open and individuals that would like to marshal at the 2022 Isle of Man TT Races can sign-up at:

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