Are motorbikes still cool?

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When Barry Sheene was winning GPs and pulling Penthouse models, there was no question about it, motorbikes were cool. In fact they were cool way before that. They were cool even before Steve McQueen was getting chased round by the Nazis on an old Triumph Trophy. But are motorbikes still cool now? Or have they fallen out of favour with the hip and trendy cool gang?

Fast = Cool

Well motorbikes are still really fast, so that makes them cool, doesn’t it? In fact, they’re faster than they‘ve ever been; so that probably makes them cooler than they’ve ever been. Because surely anything fast is cool. Fast cars, fast bikes, fast woman, you name it. You might not be allowed to do 200mph on Her Majesty’s highways, but the fact that you can do them sort of speeds on a racetrack or Autobahn is very cool. Very cool indeed.

The other cool thing about motorbikes, is that you don’t actually have to ride them fast at all. To some, pottering around on a cruiser, or bouncing from one rock to the next on a trials bike is just as cool as going flat out on a superbike.

Sexy = Cool

These days, there are loads of bikes that’ll give you a full on woody, if you’re that way inclined. I know I am. Whether you’re into sportsbikes, naked bikes or off-roaders, there’ll be something to tickly your fancy. And with a bit of luck, it’ll tickle your todger, too.

MV Agusta Dragster RR SCS RC

And whilst we’re talking about sexy, there‘s nothing sexier than a member of the opposite sex in a well-fitting leather race suit. Well, provided that they are a reasonably attractive one in the first place. It might not be a cure-all for complete munters, but if you’re a five out of ten or above, sticking a set of leathers on and throwing your leg over a bike definitely has the potential to bump you up to a solid eight or nine out of ten.

Rebellious = Cool

I’m not entirely sure why, but there’s always been something cool about sticking it to the man. Doing things your own way. Being an absolute rebel. And that’s probably another one of the reasons motorbikes are so cool.

How many of us have had to hide the fact we’ve bought a bike from our parents or our partners? How many of us have put an aftermarket can on and forgotten to tell our insurance company? Does that sound like you? I thought so; what a rebel.

Exciting = Cool

You don’t need to be on a bike capable of doing a million miles an hour for it to be exciting. They’re nearly all exciting. Even the ones that shouldn’t be exciting, can definitely be ridden in a pretty gosh-darn exciting way.

In fact some times slow bikes are more exciting because of the fact that they are slow. It means you can wring their necks to your heart’s content, without putting yourself in too much peril. Yes, I think we can all agree that motorbikes are jolly exciting, whether you’re riding them on the track or the road.

Cool = Cool

So in conclusion, I would have to say yes. Motorbikes are definitely still cool. Whoever you are, riding one is bound to improve your street cred much more than being Minecraft champion, or being really, really good at Call of Duty. And you’ll love it. And people will be jealous of you.

There will always be people that think we motorcyclists are a grubby, uncouth bunch. They might be right. But I bet most of them have a streak of jealousy running through them, that they’d never admit. Because motorbikes are still cool. They always have been, and I’m fairly sure they always will be.


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  1. Sadly we don’t get to decide, and those who do prefer tiktoking their iPads whilst eating a tide pod in skinny jeans or whatever it is these days.

    To quote Grampa Simpson:

    “I used to be ‘with it. ‘ But then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary to me. It’ll happen to you!”

  2. Dressing up like a Power Ranger (that’s cool) even though I’m approaching 50, Going for a Sunday blast with your mates stopping for a posh coffee and talking bikes, Throw in an adrenaline rush here and there, 16 years old on your first 50cc all the way up to the fast guys like Boothby it makes you feel excited, your right it is COOL

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