A bit of advice for Race Circuit NIMBYs

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Race Circuit NIMBYs

Unfortunately, more and more UK race circuits are becoming subject to noise curfews and limited to fewer and fewer days. And it’s all thanks to the ‘Not In My Back Yard’ brigade. It would seem that people buying houses next to race circuits, don’t like the sound of motor racing. Because these aren’t circuits that are only just being built, oh no. Most of them have been there for donkeys years, some for over a century. So to start complaining about it now is, if you ask me, pretty bad form. So if there are any race circuit NIMBYs reading this, for the sake of humanity, please listen to what I’ve got to say.

Don’t buy a house next to a race circuit

Come on, you knew it was there, didn’t you? It was probably there before the house was built. And there’s a good chance that you got a stonking deal on it because of the fact that every now and then, if the wind’s in the right direction, you can hear the bikes or the cars going round. If you’re the type of person that can’t stand the sound of people enjoying themselves, don’t buy a house next to a race circuit.

If you’re desperate for absolute silence, buy a house where there’s no pubs, no railways, no roads, no wildlife, nothing. Imagine the fun you’d have there.

Put some music on

But if you do live in a house where there’s a bit of noise coming from a race circuit a mile or so away, why not pop a bit of music on to drown it out. Making some noise of your own really is very easy to do. You could even get some headphones so that you don’t have to bother anyone else with your music; after all, we all know preventing noise pollution is very high on your agenda.

Maybe you don’t like music (I wouldn’t be surprised, what do you like?). But that’s no problem. There are loads of other things you can listen to on the wireless. You’re local radio station is bound to have talk shows that invite miserable members of the public on to moan about one thing or another, because they’ve got nothing better to do. That’d be right up your street, wouldn’t it? You might even find something else to get wound up and complain about as a bonus!

Get a life

Rather than complaining about things all the time though, you’d probably be better off just getting a life. Instead of sitting in the house all weekend crying about the sound of a few bikes, why not get out the house and do something? Find yourself a new hobby. Go out hiking. Buy a canoe. Visit a museum. Anything to give your life some value.

Whilst you’re out having a life, enjoying your new found hobby, you won’t have time to even think about the noisy race circuit that used to spoil your serene Sundays. Because we all know that it’s only ever the people that don’t have a life of their own that complain about other people enjoying themselves. Race circuit NIMBYs included.

Stop being so selfish

If you don’t want to get a life, and you’d rather be a boring, miserable old so-and-so, that’s your prerogative. It’s also your loss. But just because you’re not one for enjoying yourself, doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t. And doing your utmost to spoil everyone else’s fun is nothing short of selfish. Does a bit of background noise really cause such a massive problem? Does it really ruin your life? I would suggest the answer to both of them questions is a big fat ‘no’.

So stop being so selfish and wind your neck in. Put your petition forms in the recycling bin and find something to complain about that isn’t going to ruin other peoples weekends. Is it really too much to ask?

Move house

Of course, nobody is forcing you to live next to a race circuit. If you really hate it that much then you could always move house. Sure, moving house isn’t cheap, but isn’t life tragic. And anyway, you’re the one that can’t bare to live near a race circuit. You’re the one that’s desperate for some peace and quiet.

And look on the bright side, I’m sure some local rag would love to run a big image of you on the front page with a face like a slapped arse with an article about how you were ‘forced’ out of your home. Even though you quite clearly weren’t forced out of anything; you just bought a house and decided you didn’t like living in it. It would be like buying a house on the coast and complaining about the seagulls. Or a house above a pub and complaining about drunkards. Come on you race circuit NIMBYs, have a word with yourself.


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  1. Yes indeed. The fact that this type of person has even gotten away with this is laughable. Someone with a bit of sense should have put a stop to it years ago. It’s gone the same here in our only bloody race circuit, Mondello. I know someone who’s in the local homeowners group WhatsApp and this article is hilariously (depressingly) accurate on the type of person complaining. Arseholes.

  2. its the same people who move next to an industrial estate or Highways depot and then complain about the activities that go on like gritters loading and going out to treat the roads in winter or repair them ut still complain if there are potholes or slippery roads. Or factories making things they then want to buy….. NIMBY’s are a bred of their own….unlikely they will ever read this or be content as they live to complain…

  3. Unfortunately it seems to be a british thing, go to Spain and they are building new tracks every other month and no one complains.
    I fear for the future in the UK as Im sure it will become harder and harder to run a race circuit with these w**kers complaining about everything…..Bloody Daily Mail Crowd.

    1. Sorry mate but you’re wrong. I’m from Barcelona and talking just about Catalonia region, we have 4 “fullsize” racetracks. Montmelo(Barcelona) which has no restrictions as it is a world GP track but even the new mayor of Barcelona who is trying to get rid of F1 “because tourism is bad for the locals and makes everything more expensive”. Moving to the next one, we have Parcmotor Castelloli(40min from barcelona) that is in the middle of fucking no-where and has noise restriction.
      Then we have Calafat, close to Tarragona, one of the oldest racetracks in Spain, next to which years later some summer houses were built and due complaints now has a very strict noise policy.
      Last but not least we have Alcarras, close to Lleida, which has no restrictions because it’s far from any fucking form of live.
      In Madrid they have Jarama, another of the oldest tracks in Spain, which had for years noise restrictions through the main straight because people constructed apartaments decades later.
      Same happens with airport in Barcelona, some people asked to close it because of the noise which of course have been there before any house was build.
      Trust me mate, arseholes are everywhere, no matter which country are you in.


  4. Reminds me of my dad who got new neighbours, not long after they moved in they were approaching everyone in the village with a petition to get the local Clay Shooting club shutdown, they didn’t like my dads answer of “maybe you should have thought about that before you moved to th earse end of Cornwall”. 🙂

  5. Close down tracks, support street racing!
    We have a test track here that our local clubs use for track days. It is beside a (noisy) highway. We can hear the highway traffic noises over the bikes on track. Some NIMBY stands outside the gates with signs protesting most track days. Hope he gets a life…

  6. We had one old fart who moved to our ancient town of Sandwich in East Kent and started moaning about the church bells chiming on the hour!! FFS the church was there 800 years before you fella – were you not aware? Go live in a high rise in the clouds if you want silence.

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